Calorie Counting “Secrets” Every Dieter Should Know

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Calorie Counting “Secrets” Every Dieter Should Know

Everyone thinks it’s so difficult to count calories. Yes, it’s hard enough –  you need to know elementary math, have a weight-your-meal skill and university knowledge of app clicking. And – the main factor – you should be genetically predisposed to it!

Ok, ok, joking, it’s easy! Let’s go into details…⠀

✅Is it necessary to count the calories? Definitely, no! It’s just an instrument that helps you to understand your daily food preferences and correct the meal plan.

✅Is it possible to lose weight without counting calories? Surely, there is plenty of schemes that help you to maintain the deficit.⠀

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✅  So, what’s the reason for counting calories? One of the reasons is to know whether you are in the calorie deficit or surplus. The second one is to distribute macronutrients in your meal plan. And the last but not the least – to create the meal plan taking into account your food preferences.

✅Should I do it several times a day? There are a lot of things you are doing several times a day and you do them automatically. Counting calories is a skill you can train. For instance, I spend not more than 5 minutes a day counting calories. Nutritionista app can ease this process if you prefer restaurant food. The app creates smart & personalized recommendations based on your nutrition goals when you eat at restaurants. If your restaurant is there, it takes seconds to select your dishes in the app. It is absolutely different experience, and way simpler than even tracking food you cook at home.

✅Should I count every single calorie to maintain my meal plan and not to gain excess weight? No, of course, no! You can look through average numbers per week – it works the same way.

✅Which app is the best? I strongly recommend

Nutritionista for those who love to grab something out, for other cases MyFitnessPal or MyNetDiary would be ok.

✅ What to do if the product is not listed in the database? Just find the similar one.⠀

✅What to do if I’m cooking for the whole family? Nothing, divide the meal into portions and drop down average figures. I know several people counting calories and cooking for big families.

✅Limits are not for me! Then, the calories counting method is not for you too;)⠀

Calorie counting is not the compulsory thing for your life, it’s only a useful method to make the life more comfortable. 

✅ If you cook at home then tracking macros and calories is more or less simple:

   1. Calculate the nutrition facts of the total quantity of each ingredient of the dish.

   2. Weight the finished product.

   3. Weight your portion.

The real difference comes when you start eating out at the restaurants. If your restaurant publishes the nutrition facts online – you are just lucky! The information is not perfect and they never put the same exact amount of every ingredient every time, but at least it’s something. It doesn’t matter. Believe me it is close enough even if you are on the final stage of the prep for a competition.

Well, the info is not provided by all the restaurants. Sometimes they have just calories and no macros. It is already something and you can estimate the macros knowing what kind of ingredients the dish contains. Anyway the most important part if energy balance, and you will have it pretty accurate.

Then what you can do if there is no information at all? Let’s review the options we have.

  • Avoid such places completely. It works, but I believe it is really not the life you deserve. Having dinner with your friends and/or family is much more than providing your body with the energy sources. This is such a big part of social life that we can’t just quit it, unless you are fine with the consequences like never having sex again 🙂
  • Another option is to find every dish you eat in MyfitnessPal by name. It is really not the way you should go. If you try to find “greek salad” you will get 100 salads with calories from 30 to 1000.
  • And the last one which I love: you use Nutritionista App. If your restaurant is there, it takes seconds to select your dishes in the app. It is dramatically different experience, and way simpler than even tracking food you cook at home.

Who SHOULDN’T count calories?⠀

❌People who overcome eating disorders.⠀

❌Individuals with a simple diet  – the same food from day to day.⠀

❌Those who feel distressed counting calories.⠀

Utterly, calorie counting is the easiest thing ever – just 4 steps – buy – weight – cook – write down.

And once more, Nutrionista app – for those who prefer eating out. Welcome to the normal social life and controlling your fat levels!

Sean Lockwood

Sean is a programmer with a passion for extreme sports. Favourite extreme sports discipline is biathlon. Started this blog because of the great love for nature and adrenaline which results in something extreme like Extreme Sports Lab (ESL).

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