Fast Facts You Should Know Before Heading To The 2019 Preakness Stakes

Preakness Stakes

Fast Facts You Should Know Before Heading To The 2019 Preakness Stakes

The 2019 Preakness Stakes is the second leg of the prestigious Triple Crown Series. This follows after the first leg which is the Kentucky Derby and succeeded by the final leg which is Belmont Stakes. The said event will surely be another grand horse racing show to look forward as it will create another hot favorite entry to possibly head on to the final leg and possibly win the Triple Crown.


In line with that, the Preakness Stakes does not only bring you the best-thoroughbred horses but at the same time, it gives you limitless options of earning a profitable investment by joining in the various betting categories. Not only that, your ability to understand the different odds and entries and their ability to win can make sure that you don’t put your money directly to waste.


But, before you go ahead and book your tickets and pack your bags for a much awaited Preakness 2019 trip, let’s get to know more first about these fast facts you need to know about Preakness. This will help you understand what the tournament is all about and how this will make your racing experience a little bit more different than what you’re usually experiencing.


The Preakness Doesn’t Always Follow A Two Week Rule After Kentucky


Talking about the calendar of events with regards to the Triple Crown Series the Preakness Stakes doesn’t always come two weeks after the Kentucky Derby. Many sports fan are confused regarding its schedule but you need to remember that depending on the calendar placement the Preakness is held every June each year.


Preakness Has Tallied Five Fillies Winners


It was way back in 1924 where the last filly had won the Preakness not until in  2009 where Rachel Alexandra broke the drought. She was the last filly racer to snatch the Preakness crown and has made a great challenge during her racing show. She had defeated a lot of male horse entries on the said day where she emerged the big winner.


In today’s edition of the 2019 Preakness Odds, a lot of horse racing fans are again looking forward to seeing more competent fillies to join the exciting event. Many still believed that if a filly is trained very well and seen as very competent, clinching the Preakness crown and eventually the Triple Crown will be a piece of cake.


Old Hilltop is Pimlico’s Former Name


The dirt track in Pimlico was originally named as Old Hilltop. It was the only way back in 1938 when the name was removed due to the fact that it has been developed where the infield was built and finally acquired Pimlico as the newest name and home of the Preakness Stakes.


Preakness Is Older Than Kentucky


As you may have not known, the Preakness Stakes is a little bit older than the Kentucky Derby. The first Preakness tournament took place in 1873 which is two years than the Kentucky Derby. Many people don’t recognize this fact as they know that Kentucky is the longest running horse racing show in the United States.


The main reason why Preakness Stakes wasn’t recognized as the oldest horse racing tournament is because of its absence in 1891 to 1893. There was a 3-year drought where the show did not go on which made a way for Kentucky Derby to open its doors for more entries making it a more recognized horse racing event compared to the Preakness Stakes.


A Black-Eyed Susans Race But Winners Are Draped In Daisies


It may sound awkward but as you may have known the Preakness Stakes is dubbed as “The Race For Black-Eyed Susans”. This is for the reason that it serves as the state’s flower of Maryland. On the other hand, they use daisies when they draped winners with garland because the flower doesn’t bloom until June.


Preakness Stakes Holds The Most Valuable Trophy In All Sports


The first ever trophy made for Preakness was carved and made by Tiffany & Co. amounting to more than $1 million.  It was in 1983 that the first valuable and expensive trophy for a single horse racing was made.


Talking about the newest edition of the said racing show, the trophy is now costing around $2.4 million. This what makes the trophy the most valuable prize in any given sporting event.


The Preakness Winner Always Comes From Kentucky Derby


Since the Preakness Stakes is the second leg of the Triple Crown Series, the horse racers who joined the Kentucky Derby which is the first leg of the series are also the entries of the Preakness. Throughout the history of Preakness, most winners that are recorded came from the Kentucky Derby. This is because each horse racer wanted to come out as winners in both two legs and once they reach the final leg which is the Belmont Stakes they might clinch the Triple Crown.


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