Ticket Buying Tips When Going to a Sports Game

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Ticket Buying Tips When Going to a Sports Game

Finding cheap or discounted sports tickets can be time-consuming and sometimes seem impossible. Here are several tips to help you find the best deal on tickets to your favorite sports games.  


The Fan Club


Joining the fan club often times will surprise you with great opportunities including discounted tickets or points for awesome prizes. If there are any fees, consider how many times you will go to the game and if you can make up the cost with potential savings in the future. Most of the time you have to give up your email address to receive the offers. You can participate in rewards, sweepstakes, travel packages, giveaways, and of course discounted tickets from time to time.


Pay attention to presale opportunities


third-party selling tickets


Oftentimes companies and organizations that sponsor your team may be able to sell tickets early through promotional events. Also, third-party ticket sellers may also have the ability to sell tickets early as well. There are many websites that could do this such as eBay, Shoowin.com, Ticketcity.com and more. Additionally, you might find local third-party ticket sellers near you. Sometimes even grocery stores will sell tickets at their customer service counter. Ticketmaster usually has early sales on NFL tickets as well as offering regular fans a chance to sell their unwanted tickets there, so you might get a good deal. Sometimes, even your credit card company has made a deal to get lower prices and earlier ticket sales too.


Check out sponsors and team promotions


Sponsors may send out a password for discounts on tickets or merchandise for you to take advantage of as well. Sponsors often run promotional events at their place of business for free merchandise or meet the team opportunities. Sometimes they may offer discounted tickets as well to get people to come to their business. Keep on the lookout for discounts and promotional events in your local newspaper ads and radio stations.  


Wait until game day


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Sometimes if you wait until game day, the box office, as well as many third-party ticket sellers, will lower their prices. They do this because they want to persuade people to buy tickets to get the stands full and to increase profit. it is better for the team’s bottom line to sell them at a discounted price rather than leaving the seats empty.  

If your sports venue offers scalp-free zones, this could be an opportunity to score discounted tickets. If you have not heard about scalp-free zones, these are areas regulated and monitored by the venue’s staff to ensure buyers are not taken advantage of by people selling tickets. They are able to check if the ticket is fraudulent or not, before you buy. They are also able to regulate price gouging as well protecting you from ridiculous price hikes.

If the stadium or arena does not have a scalp-free zone, or the game is a highly sought after game, this would not be a great option as the people selling could increase prices over market value, costing you more money.   


Weekday tickets and the Nosebleeds


Going during the week is usually cheaper than going on a weekend. This is due to the demand for tickets being higher on the weekends, think Sunday night football. If the game is in high demand, the ticket vendors can raise their prices due to the tickets having the perception of being “more desirable.” People usually avoid weeknight games due to their work or life responsibilities, meaning the team needs to get “butts in the seats,” and cheaper tickets are the way to do that. This price difference is caused by what is called “dynamic pricing strategy” that the industry uses.


Go it alone


If you are determined to get your ticket, and you aren’t going with anyone else,  you can get better deals if you are buying a single seat. This is because most people go to the game in groups. When people block off sections for groups there are usually lots of areas left that only one person can sit at. Since these seats are not desirable and usually go unused they will be sold at a cheaper rate.

If you are going with another person you can still try to utilize this strategy. Look for seats that are right behind each other or you may get lucky and find two next to each other that you can buy separately. Buying them at the same time while checking out the seating chart together will help to better strategize and ensure you get the seats you are looking for.


Check who is playing your team


Make sure to check who is playing your team. Often times ticket prices vary depending on who the opponent is. If it is going to be a good game you can bet the prices will be higher. If the opposing team is doing poorly, chances are your ticket prices will be lower. However, if the opposing team is popular nationwide or they are currently on a winning streak you can expect your ticket prices to increase. So if you want to get cheaper tickets, try to secure the games that are not highly sought after.

Though many of these strategies take time, in the end, the money you could save can go toward food and drink in the stadium or right back into your pocket. Don’t let the cost of the ticket keep you from experiencing the rush of a touchdown or the excitement of a cheering crowd.



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