6 Reasons not to get a used Elliptical Trainer

6 Reasons not to get a used Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical is a piece of exercise equipment that helps you achieve your fitness goals within a short time of use. It comes with a computer interface or console that displays all your fitness data inputs and improvements as you work out daily. 

There is also a heart rate monitor that records your heartbeat and how much it increases as you pedal along. The elliptical’s incline can be adjusted from zero through 1% to about 20% depending on the difficulty level you prefer to work with.

All the aforementioned functionalities of this exercise machine make it indispensable. Buying one for your home or gym is necessary if you must fulfill your dream of becoming fit and healthy. Most electronic machines or appliances that are vital in our daily lives are usually best-acquired brand new. Fairly used equipment does not stand a chance of providing optimum results to the user. 

Used ellipticals are not any different because they may operate less efficiently than brand new ones. Ellipticals have all-around electrical features that may develop faults if not properly handled. Therefore, obtaining one that isn’t brand new is not ideal since you may not even know the previous owner. If you are planning to buy a used elliptical, here are 6 reasons why you should not go ahead with your decision. 

The Condition of the Machine

The first factor to consider when planning to purchase any used machine is the current state of that equipment. Most of the used machines available for sale on the market nowadays are totally right-off. You may be eyeing a used elliptical without knowing who the previous owner is. Some people dispose of their machinery after discovering some faults affecting it. 

Don’t settle for used equipment unless you can trace the ownership back to the ex-user. It will only become a burden on you after purchase. Consider the storage space it will be occupying especially if your home is a compact one. A brand new elliptical will be the best option to avoid such an occurrence. You will be the first user and original owner with an assurance that nothing is wrong with your equipment.

Price Difference with a Brand New One

Another reason why you shouldn’t settle for a used elliptical is the meager difference in price between it and a brand new one. A used elliptical may cost a little below $1,500 while a brand new one is sold from $1,500 upwards. The variation between the two is not more than $200 dollars highest. If you hope to get good quality and model, $200 isn’t too much to add to your budget, just give yourself more time.

It is better you buy a brand new elliptical to avoid regretting your decision. No matter your budget, remember you will not want to end up with a condemned machine in your home. Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you must bargain for dead equipment.

Availability of Preferred Model

Your choice of design, model, or color cannot come to play if you want to buy a used elliptical. Those preferences are meant for only those who purchase a brand new one. Used machines do not come in varieties of designs and colors. You have to accept any type you see in the seller’s store without complaint.

The available model you may likely come across could be an obsolete one. The parts required to service or repair it may no longer be obtainable in the market. Unlike the brand new, used equipment usually look unattractive and dusty. Some may not even have the controls working anymore due to lack of use and maintenance.

Absence of Warranty

Purchasing machinery or appliances normally comes with years of warranty. This is to guarantee the buyer of the manufacturer’s support in case of major faults or malfunction. Warranties are basically meant for machines that are bought brand new from retailers, wholesalers, or directly from manufacturers. 

In the case of used equipment, it is only on rare occasions that you can find a warranty on them. Do not gamble the situation by going ahead to buy a used machine with the thought that you will be granted a warranty. Moreover, the equipment is already old so how much guarantee will be left on it?

Maintenance Cost

For every electronic gadget or machinery, regular maintenance is required. Without adequate maintenance, you will not enjoy the performance of your equipment. Ellipticals are not an exception. In fact, their own maintenance schedule should be more frequent to get the controls and apps working perfectly.

A used elliptical will need to be serviced more frequently than a new one. The reason for that is, the buttons and switches would have become worn-out moving from one user to another. You are likely to spend a fortune maintaining a used elliptical than a new one. You may even be unlucky to buy a used one that will be too damaged to be fixed after so many years of use.

Machine Useful Life

The average useful life of machinery and equipment ranges between 3 to 20 years. A machine begins to depreciate as soon as you purchase it brand new. Therefore, if you aren’t the first owner, the likelihood that you will enjoy its useful life is zero. 

Whether the previous owner used the equipment for less than 3 years, its ability to perform efficiently diminishes. One person may handle a machine better than another but you wouldn’t be able to tell if the one you want to buy has been used for 10 years or more.

Before depreciation sets in, your brand new elliptical would have served you beyond your expectations. It is advisable to be the first owner of any machinery because of how we expect it to serve us during use. Save up and overlook the cost of buying new equipment for health reasons. An extra dollar shouldn’t prevent you from living your dreams and extending your lifespan.

Conclusively, I will suggest you wait a few extra weeks or months to save more money to purchase a new elliptical. There is no tangible reason why you would think of buying a used one in the first place.

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