Safety Tips for Electric Mountain Bikes Which will Potentially Save Your Life

Safety Tips for Electric Mountain Bikes Which will Potentially Save Your Life

Getting an electric bike was a dream come true for you right? But this dream somehow can turn into a nightmare for a little mistake. In the mountains, the security issue is more crucial. If you are a bit distracted for even a second anything can happen to you.

Plenty of things that you can accomplish, and a bike riding accident should not stop you. We care about you and the dreams you want to achieve. It is why we tried to combine some safety tips for you to know and follow.

Concentrate on the road

When you are riding on bike to the mountains, the scenery is captivating. There are times you will be so amazed at the beauty that you may lose control. So keep in mind that you are riding an electric bike which is powerful like a 50cc scooter. So concentrating is better than enjoying the scenario. Or you may end up in the bushes. If you want to enjoy the beauty, then wait there for a little bit see the beauty and then move on.

Know your power

When you reach the mountain, there will be ways where the roads are tricky to handle. Do not get carried away to try tricks that you are not good at handling. Do not be competitive with friends to show them that you are too good.

If you think the road is not safe for you to handle by the bike, get off your bike and walk that way. There is no shame in doing it because facing accidents doing these will be more shameful. Not shameful may be foolishness is the word for doing such things.

If you can then practice these types of trails so that you learn a little bit before hitting the actual mountain. Before attempting a risky way think about its consequences will have on you. One silly mistake will drop you from 60 ft of the mountain.

Another thing is that you do not go for the ride when you are fit. When you feel tired or unwell going to such a hard-working place will take up all your effort. You will not enjoy it. If you go there like this, you will only feel tired all the time.

Ride on low gear

This one is for beginners as they are new to the riding part. When you are riding on a mountain, keep the gear in low. These ways it will be easier to go smoothly. High gear in the mountains is not workable.

The helmet is a must

If you do not take anything with you at all, even in that case, take the helmet. Wearing a helmet is a little tough for fussy people. They do not feel comfortable with a helmet. But your life is worth a little fuss. No matter how itchy or hot is it out, there do not even try to ride without a helmet.

 Get good quality helmet so that in case of accidents you do not have to experience life-threatening head injuries. If you want to buy a helmet, buy a high-quality helmet that fits you the best and adjusted well.

Security Kit:

A little mistake will change your trip to the mountain forever. You will not face a major accident, but injuries are injuries no matter how small they are. For this, you have to have the right gear to keep that security measures on point. Here are things that you should consider keeping with you for a trip to the mountain:


Gloves are great to protect you from the scratches and blisters. Wearing the gloves is a little uncomfortable, but when you fall, somehow you will understand what kind of blessing it was.

A great pair of shoes:

Getting a good grip in your pedals is an important thing. If the grip is not excellent you can face an accident. Make sure you are wearing a shoe that does not have laces. Laces are unmanageable with pedals as it gets tangled.

A pair of protective glass:

Glasses are not given enough credit for being helpful. It saves you from sun glare while riding the bicycle. The sun glare gets annoying and hampers your eyesight. So keep this to get going like a champ!


If you are someone who is planning on going this kind of mountain trips often you can invest in long term projects. Padded shorts, elbow and knee pads are great for saving yourself from injuries. You will come back home without a single scratch, which is fantastic.

First aid box:

Keep a first aid box and get clued up about it. It will prove to be a great life skill to save your life.  

Keep the battery charged

Your bike is an electric bike. Electric bikes are fueled with battery. If the battery does not have enough charge, it will ruin your riding trip. In the roads, you will face a lot of difficulties. So charge your battery full before starting for the journey. For being extra sure you can keep a second battery so that you always have enough power supply to start a surprise journey.

Hydration is not an option

You might be thinking that keeping a water bottle does not count as a safety tip. It is a safety tip, indeed. When you reach the mountain, you will feel the dire need for water.

You were cycling for a long time in the mountains. Riding bike on a mountain is indeed a hard work even if it is electric. After this hard work, your body will need water. If you do not take water with you, then you may face heat stroke or extreme dehydration. So keep a water bottle with you which will help you as a lifesaver indeed.


Going to mountains with a super speedy electric bike is fascinating. You get to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of nature without costing much. But do not forget the danger behind it. Follow the rules properly and concentrate where you are going. Happy cycling.

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