10 Best Active Toys for Kids

10 Best Active Toys for Kids

Active toys, as the name suggests, combine fun and physical activity. They embed exercises like jumping, running, and the like into the world of gaming. Hence, they turn a mundane pastime into something more, bring additional benefits. Some toys take time to get a hang off, but they offer loads of fun when mastered. No less rewarding are the toys that are a bit easier to use. And the best kinds of products are those that stand the test of time. They represent more than passing trends: they enthrall multiple generations and are used in various sports and amusing games.

Slip ‘N’ Slide

This one is a true blast. Since the ’60, when it was introduced, it has been a top-selling hit in countries across the globe. It can be bought in hardware stores as a roll of plastic sheeting that is at least 50 ft long. There is no better way to bring fun to your backyard and turn it into a great staycation oasis. Kids can feel the adrenaline rush without risking injury or any harm coming their way. And for maximum speed, you can add laundry detergent.

Hula Hoop

Like it or not, Hula Hoop remains a staple active toy. It has been around for quite some time and is used in a multitude of workout-related activities. Most men shy away from it, while girls tend to work their magic with it. It is not uncommon to see kids using a host of hula hoops at the same time and doing creative moves and stunts. This is not only fun, but also helps them burn calories and develop muscle strength.


The jumping bliss is easy to attain with the trampoline. It provides tons of fun and gets the energy out of kids. We have all seen those big trampolines that adults can use, but it might be wise to start small. Namely, there are various products like the Little Tykes Easy Store Trampoline that can be installed indoors without fuss. Moreover, they have foldable handles for extra safety. Of course, at one point, kids might start doing airborne acrobatics anyway, so you might want to keep an eye on them.

Big Wheel

Bog boys have mean beasts like Harley Davison’s and small boys have incredible toys like Big Wheel. Riding it is a great way to practice drifting and sliding while working leg muscles. And then there is a fact that it simply looks bad ass and cool. Indeed, showing off and cursing the neighborhood has never been so satisfactory. Also, with two wheels in the back and one in front, there is a higher level of stability and safety than with bicycles.

Hop Ball

Beloved Space Hooper and Hoppity Horse paved the way for Hop Ball to win young crowds over. Essentially an exercise ball with handles, it is designed to be used as a vehicle for bouncing around. This activity can take place indoors or in the parks and streets. There is also a possibility to use it as a nice kickball. Either way, Hop Ball will always get the kids active and introduce them to a world of perky exercises and games.

Indoor Slide

Who doesn’t like slides? This toy is the embodiment of fond childhood memories and it can bring toddlers great time indoors. While climbing up, they will have to recruit their muscles and the reward, of course, comes in the form of sliding down. There is a lot of room for experimentation and variation as well. I would look for foldable products– they are a neat solution that does not get in the way once the sliding endeavor is over.

Gym Scooter

These exercise toys for kids spark much attention on PE classes. The beauty of them lies in versatility and freedom to find your own style of scooting. Small daredevils can lie on the belly and propel themselves forward or push with legs to ride backward. You can try the good ole racing and explore other ideas for games that get featured in books. Throw some competitiveness into the mix and the entertainment reaches a whole new level. There is no end to creative ways to play with Gym Scooter.

Pogo Stick

This toy dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, but the global popularity came much later. At one point, you could not find a garage without it lying around. It is still among favorite outdoor toys that invite children to go on jumping sprees. Today, there are also upgraded versions of the classic, such as power enhanced springs and handlebar-less sticks. Just bear in mind that proper safety gear is essential when using a pogo stick. Better safe than sorry you know.

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)

This game has appeared in 1999 out of nowhere and took the arcade scene by the storm, overshadowing Nintendo Power Pad. Even adults could not resist the temptation to display dance floor skills. The amazing thing about this game is that you can test your coordination, rhythm, and timing, all while grooving to nice tunes. So, it does not come as a surprise that nowadays, you can find it in schools, households, and even workplaces.


Razor Company has made a habit out of producing breakthrough toys. Their RipStick hit the spot and lured whole armies of small adventurers outdoors. It is neither a scooter nor a skateboard, but more of a something in between. Those who are ready to hone balancing skills can use it to easily navigate urban environments. In the process, sideways riding and weaving movements produce various fitness benefits, including weight loss.

Play at its finest

Kids are bustling with energy, ready to bounce off the walls every day. If you ask me, the best toys are those they can actively play with. They allow the little ones to get the best of both worlds, boosting their health and well-being in the long-term. Some are come in handily for burning some steam when stuck indoors, while others stimulate outside ventures. It also helps that many of products boost speed, strength, coordination, agility and other physical skills. So, shop around and keep your family happy and feeling good all year long.

What is your toy from a past that you liked playing with?

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