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Sports have always been a powerful tool that united folks at different times. The global leaders even put wars on pause amid the Olympic Games, and the international community banned those who dared to violate this rule. However, the year 2020 will make history as the breakdown of the global sports due to the dangerous virus spread that turned humans’ lives upside down – the...

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martial arts on beach

Choosing fighting equipment is not easy and if you think that all gear is the same, you will be surprised that it is not. In fact, sparring equipment has as much personality as a good pair of shoes, and while you can certainly buy off-the-rack shoes from the most reputable sports stores, you are still trying to remove parts that may or may not fit. They're uncomfortable...

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serving tennis ball tech

Over the past few years, professional sports have become competitive to a point where a small action or mistake can affect or change the entire game.  The loyal fan-base has grown a lot and are always asking for information regarding the managers and referees' decisions. Thus, team players and agencies have realized the need for tracking performance. The aim of tracking performance is to take the right...

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basketball kids

Basketball is one of the most-watched sports in the US, with some of the most famous athletes in the world having emerged from their time playing in the NBA. And yet, many young athletes are unsure as to whether they’ll make it in this highly-competitive sport – and how much they’ll be likely to earn if they do go the distance and make it into...

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golf woman with sunglasses

When a person decides to play golf on a sunny day, there is a possibility that either a hat or shades be fitted in his attire. Most golfers though want to combine both. The choice of the right sunglasses that are functional and compatible with an individual’s style adds a factor towards their golf-playing performance. Sunglasses for Golfers The onset of warm weather conditions during a beautiful...

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