5 Things That Make the Boston Bruins the Absolute Best

5 Things That Make the Boston Bruins the Absolute Best

If you are a diehard NHL fan, you probably have your eyes on multiple teams. More so, you may have noted consistent impressive performance among some teams. Boston Bruins does not miss the list when mentioning the best teams in NHL.

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Boston Bruins’ popularity stems from the fact that they were the first American team to join NHL in 1924 and have maintained consistent performance. Here is why the team is considered the best.

1. Their Resilience

If you have been following the team’s matches, you may have noticed a pattern of resilience in their games. They are probably the only NHL team that upheld the habit of trailing the first score.

They have maintained a consistent track record of scoring the first goal. The team merely stays behind in matches, something that is impressive and speaks volumes about the team’s resilience and success. This resilience is what has made Boston Bruins a difficult team to beat.

2. A Track Record of Winning

If you look at NHL teams, especially in Boston, the Bruins have earned a place in the list of top performers in the NHL. The Bruins have been able to host the championship banner in their venue repeatedly.

When it comes to performance, the Boston Bruins has everything that all hockey teams would love to have. The team’s players give the Boston Bruins an edge over other NHL teams.

The Boston Bruin’s best player Brad Marchand has demonstrated impressive stats over time. Other players like David Pastrnak, Taylor Hall, and Patrice Bergeron have done a great job of putting the team on the map.

This is without forgetting to mention the best all-time Boston Bruins players like Milt Schmidt, Eddie Shore, and Cam Neely have played an instrumental role in making Boston Bruins the successful team it is today.

The team has been home to remarkable players in its history. The team believes in themselves and their systems and is well aware of their greatness.

3. Puck Support

The Boston Bruins’ puck support strategy is brilliant. While critics and fans had doubts about the team’s conservative and defensive system, it has proved effective.

In fact, the systems could be what makes the team so successful. In their strategy, the puck carrier should always have another teammate close. The puck support is designed to provide the carrier with an outlet during a match.

The system is designed to reduce turnover when the carrier moves across the neutral area. The puck support allows the passes to be shorter, reducing turnover and allowing the team to have possession of the puck until they get into the offensive zone.

This not only makes the game challenging for the team but also motivates the team.

4. Versatility

Versatility creates a strong hockey team. One of the things that make the Boston Bruins a successful team is the fact that it is versatile. Some teams rely on a solid defense to control the game.

Others are good with puck possession, whereas some NHL teams are known for speed. While the unique skills make different teams stand out in the rink, having a collection of the skills in a team is a plus.

Versatility in skills and strengths is what makes the Boston Bruins great. The Bruins win their games using a wide range of identities: speed, puck possession, and strong defense.

The team is keen on adding versatile young talent to their roster to build a team with the intelligence, grit, toughness, skill, and speed to win matches.

5. Chemistry

Team chemistry is essential to the performance of any team. A combination of social, physiological, and emotional forces enhances a team’s performance. The relationship among the team members is what helps them play well.

Even if the team has the right skills and competencies, they may not work for the team’s benefit.

They can work together to accomplish their goals when there is good chemistry. The chemistry of the Boston Bruins is impressive and critical in their ranking in NHL seasons. The players understand they have to put everything in line for their teammates.

Whether helping their teammates during tough times, defending their goalie, or even defending their teammates in a fight, they understand that if they are to succeed, they must be there for each other.

Thanks to the extensive time they have been playing together, the Bruins players have reached a point where they understand where their teammates will be on the rink at any time. This has enhanced their coordination, giving them an edge over other teams. Thanks to the enhanced chemistry, they have delivered remarkable play and goals on the rink.


The Boston Bruins have demonstrated their possession of essential competencies of winning teams. Their track record of success goes way back. Milt Schmidt, Eddie Shore, and Cam Neely, among many other players, set the bar high for the existing players and more.

The team’s versatility, resilience, and chemistry have contributed immensely to the Boston Bruins’ success.

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