9 Football bet types bettors need to know

9 Football bet types bettors need to know

You like to watch football and want to bet a little to increase the fun. But you haven’t bet yet. Don’t worry! W88 – The leading online casino and sports bookmaker in Asia today have listed here the most common football bet types that you should know before placing a bet.

9 football bet types you should know

1. Fulltime result

The most common types of soccer bets are based on the match after 90 minutes. Simply, you will predict the result after 2 rounds (90 minutes). There are usually three options: a team wins, the other team wins, or draws. That is why this betting category is also known as “WLD” – Win Lose Draw.

Example: Barcelona and Real Madrid.

You bet Barcelona wins.

So you win if Barcelona wins.

You will lose if two teams draw or Real Madrid wins.

2. Draw no bet (DNB)

Like Full Time Result, DNB will bet on 1 winning team after 90 minutes. If 2 teams draw, then you can get your bet back.

Example: Barcelona and Real Madrid.

You bet Barcelona wins.

You win if Barcelona wins.

Lose if Real Madrid wins.

Get your money back if 2 teams draw.

The beauty of this bet is that your chances of losing money are reduced.

3. Over and under goals

This bet category is very simple. You will wager the total number of goals is less or more than the expected number of goals. And usually, the number of goals given is 2.5. If you bet “over” then this match needs 3 or more goals, the score can be anything: 2-2, 3-1, 5-0. And you can get the bonus before the final whistle. 

If you are placing an “under” bet then this match should have a goal score below 2.5, the most common score is 0-0, 1-0, 1-1, or 2-0. Your bet duration will take longer as goals can be scored at any time.

However, you will not stay forever with the number 2.5, cause there are many variations of it like 0.5, 1.5, 3.5, and 4.5. This bet is very popular because it is easy to bet, and no matter what you predict, you will not be sure what the score will be.

4. Over or under corners

Also “over or under” but change the position a bit. You will not care about the number of goals scored, but how many corners are taken. Of course, it can’t be 2.5 anymore, the quotient number is 5 or more. 

It sounds like a rather strange mission but in the game, the higher corner will help the team to score more, which will make the game much more attractive.

5. Over or under cards

Another “over or under” category, this time is the number of cards. Depending on the dealer, the number of cards you can bet varies. And note that the red card has a higher value. So if you play this genre, pay attention to the scoring system of each dealer.

6. Correct score betting

As the name implies, you know what you’re going to do. Unlike FullTime results, besides guessing which team wins, you will need to guess the score of the match. You know, many odds can happen so the chances of losing are high, but if you are right, you will have a pretty good amount of money. In this category of bets, it is easier to win if you know the team’s scoring habits.

Example: Barcelona and Accrington

The chance of Barcelona winning is higher, and you will make more money if you bet on the score of this match, such as 3-0. And you will win if Barcelona beats Accrington 3-0.

7. Goal Scorer

If you have been able to predict which team will win then you can increase your chance of making money by betting on who will score. Usually, the first goalscorer will be betting the most with the bigger amount. The odds of making money on this bet are quite high if you know which team you are betting on and the performance of the player you are placing that day.

8. Football Accumulator

It’s a kind of risky but interesting bet, and of course, the money you can make is not able to joke. The Accumulator is a multi-day, multi-match betting genre with lots of options coming from you. Usually, it will be a bet on the outcome of the match, but if you bet multiple matches, your odds will increase, the amount accumulated will increase, and your chances of winning will be greater.

You see, you win, get it all, otherwise, you will lose a huge amount of money. That’s the appeal of this kind of bet, betting is easy, but winning is not easy. The gap between fortune or bankruptcy is very small, so don’t be greedy, consider whether you’re brave enough to follow this bet, and make sure you’re betting at the best house if you want to play.

9. Asian Handicap

This is the name for the bet that the strength of the two teams in a match has a big difference. The bookmakers have used the handicap to create a balance in goal odds or stakes.

In a handicap, there will be 2 ways to use the money line or the handicap. Accordingly, the money line will be used first until the odds of both markets are a big difference, then it will be switched to the goal handicap. The basic handicap unit is ¼ left.

Example: Barcelona and Accrington

Handicap:  0: 0.5/1; 0: 0.5-1; 0: 3/4; 0: 0.75

With this handicap, Barcelona will have to accept Accrington in the final result, to calculate the handicap.

• If Barcelona wins Accrington by 2 goals, then Barcelona bettors will win.

• If Barcelona wins Accrington by 1 goal difference then Barcelona bettors will win half their money and Accrington bettors lose half.

• If Accrington wins the match then Accrington bettors win.

• If the two teams tie, the Accrington bettors win.

In addition, there are many other ways of handicap in this category.

Now you know the common types of betting. Select your bet type and the bookies carefully. And keep an eye on matches for a successful bet. Good luck!

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