Best Golf Sunglasses for Hat-wearers

Best Golf Sunglasses for Hat-wearers

When a person decides to play golf on a sunny day, there is a possibility that either a hat or shades be fitted in his attire. Most golfers though want to combine both. The choice of the right sunglasses that are functional and compatible with an individual’s style adds a factor towards their golf-playing performance.

Sunglasses for Golfers

The onset of warm weather conditions during a beautiful day encourages golfers from different backgrounds to indulge in their passion. This could mean that they would be equipped with light layers of clothing that could enable them to play comfortably amidst the heat. Hats and sunglasses then come into play as they are ideal in this scenario.

Hats are produced in various shapes, colors, fabrics, and sizes. Looking for the proper lenses found in a Golf Sunglasses Collection – Goodr could be a great combination with an individual’s head gear. Making the choice for your personal use comes with a whole set of criteria.

Benefits of Sunglasses

Sunglasses or shades as its informal term shields your eyes from the sunlight. The variety of spectacles available these days comes with aesthetically molded support frames and enhanced lenses with sun-blocking layers. A quality pair of glasses can complement your looks while providing clear vision.

A pair of sunglasses can also be used with other activities other than golf. This could be for fishing, cycling, trekking, jogging, skiing, and more. An excellent pair of shades should give you additional protection from Ultraviolet Rays, deliver the best visibility, high contrast, and a clear field of sight.

Choosing Quality Sunglasses for Playing Golf

It is a rare occasion when golfers do encounter the best conditions while playing out in the green pastures. The lighting should be perfectly matched with excellent moods of weather. Several golfers do struggle to shield their eyes from the glaring sunlight, and most often find themselves squinting in search of their golf ball when launched at a distance.

Sunglasses help golfers to make distinction in wide fields of grass and nature. It keeps their eyes shielded and some glasses even offer vision aids. Here is a simple guide that as a set of criteria for choosing sunglasses best for playing golf:

Lens Tint

The lens tint should give you high contrast and filter to enable a person to see through the distance. Make out differences in natural shapes and everyday objects. This could also prevent disorientation with the player.

  • Yellow and Red Tint – Improve contrast with depth perception even on an overcast day.
  • Amber and Gray Tint – Increases sharpness and gives high contrast during a sunny day.
  • Framework

The frames of the sunglasses should be a good fit for you while you perform different activities and not fall off. It should be robust and accommodate the dynamic motions of the game. Framework comes as a factor too by determining the shape of your face.


An efficient pair of sunglasses should protect you from:

  • Sunlight
  • Ultra Violet Rays
  • Heat
  • Different kinds of penetrating light

Lens Technology

  • Polarized Lenses 

Polarized lenses help a golfer block out intense light waves from their eye sights. They also reduce glare giving a golfer a clear view. Polarized lenses are coated with a special filtering substance that scatters sunlight and effectively reduces light wave intensity.

  • Photochromic Lenses

Lenses built with the special ability to shift tints. It could do so with sensors that detect incoming sun rays and light intensity. High-quality Photochromic Lenses are advanced that when it functions, it is like a person is not wearing any type of shades at all.

Five Stylish Sunglasses Compatible with Hats and Headgear

Several sunglasses are designed with style without hindering its characteristics to function against overhead sunlight. Here is a list of top quality shades for golf-playing:

  1. Nike Golf X2 Pro E 

Nike specially designed these shades for the use of golfers. It uses Nike Max Optics technology with tints to enhance vision. The adjustable frame consists of nylon material and an open nose supporting bridge for proper ventilation.

  1. Oakley’s Men’s Flak Jacket SLJ 

These are sunglasses produced with O Matter plastic proprietary to Oakley. The frame is combined with nylon for weight-reduction and to increase flexibility of wear and durability. It comes in two different colors of lens that gives the golfer an excellent downward view of the golf ball. 

  1. JiMarti JM01

JiMarti’s sunglasses feature the TR90 or memory frame. It is lightweight, flexible, and durable while it adjusts to a golfer’s head with ease. It is designed for maximum Ultraviolet protection and comes in lens tints ranging from light blue to light green.

  1. Oakley’s Half Jacket 2.0

This Oakley produced shades gives you the option to be able to swap lens tints at your disposal. It is made with High Definition Optics technology that increases visual clarity coated with iridium that disperses light and prevents lens glare. The frame is lightweight and impact resistant with its O Matter material. 

  1. Tifosi Slip Wrap

These sunglasses have polycarbonate lenses that are not centered while being impact resistant. The framework is made from TR90 memory frame nylon making it light and flexible. The lenses are coated to block sunlight with tints available for high-contrast enabling a golfer to spot a ball from a distance.


The best sunglasses for golfers around the globe should basically provide anti-glare from the rays of the sun. They should be tinted or utilize special lenses that deliver high contrast, maximum visibility, clarity, and act as a shield from ultraviolet rays. Quality shades enable a golfer to play with uninhibited activity in any type of weather condition. 

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