6 Best Home Gym Equipment Pieces

6 Best Home Gym Equipment Pieces

You will see hundreds of commercials, ads, videos online where various individuals claim how exercising is extremely good for you. This is completely true. Exercising allows you to become stronger both mentally and physically, you get to control your body weight, and you even get to sharpen your mind. On top of that, when you do cardio workouts you are helping your heart become stronger which can only lead to an increased life span. But, some people just don’t have enough time to go to the gym every other day. And, that’s why it’s convenient for them to have gym equipment at home. And, even if you only exercise at home, with regular workouts you can reduce the risk of heart diseases by 35%. So, if you’d like to learn what gym equipment pieces are absolutely essential for a home gym, keep reading.


A good treadmill needs to be a part of your home exercise equipment. Treadmills are used for running and running improves cardiovascular health. This activity is one of the fundamentals you need for your whole workout regime. With a treadmill, you will be able to do cardio whenever you want in the comfort of your home. Yes, lifting weights is important but you can never ignore the importance of exercises that do good to your heart’s health. And, that is why a treadmill has to be there, in your home gym. The best bit about this is that you can even combine your cardio workouts with strength workouts. For instance, you could have five exercises with weights and then hit the mill. This way you won’t place a strong emphasis on muscle gains. No, you will make a balance between endurance and strength. Oh, and your legs will look shredded. Also you can check Leanbean Fat Burner Review which is a supplement for fat burning. With your gym adding this supplement will be given quick results. I think this natural and healthy supplement will also boost your energy while you workout but the process of fat burning will never be slower. It is just putting oil in the fireplace.

A set of dumbbells

Dumbbells are essential because you can do a myriad of exercises with them. The exercises you can do are seemingly endless. And, that will justify the purchase immediately. A pro tip would be to look for hex shaped dumbbells with black rubber coating. These have been known to last the longest and are most comfortable for working out. It is recommended that you get 3 to 5 sets in a range of weights to accommodate for different exercises and for the strength you will be gaining. With dumbbells, you can work wonders for your arms, core, shoulders, and back even. The absolute best thing about this piece of equipment is that you can find dozens of exercises. That’s why dumbbells are essential.


Even though you can find dozens of comments online about how kettlebells are not essential, do not place your trust in them. Yes, some kettlebell movements can be done similarly with a dumbbell, but various kettlebell movements are unique and some simply work better and are more challenging with a kettlebell. This piece of equipment will give a different touch to your workouts, especially if you are looking to work on your lower body, but still improve your endurance. On top of that, if you are a runner, you will really appreciate some kettlebell exercises because this piece of equipment has been specially designed to give your legs a tough challenge. So, combine good exercises with kettlebells and you will build serious strength in your legs.

Jump rope

Do not think for a second that a jump rope is something you should leave in the past. Just because you jumped rope as a child for fun doesn’t mean that this piece of equipment can’t be useful today. On the contrary, jumping rope works wonders for your core and your legs. Additionally, it also boosts your coordination. Remember to find a durable rope, that’s the only thing you need to worry about. It would also be nice if you could find one of those jump ropers that have counters. That way you won’t have to count yourself, you’ll only need to take a look at the number above the handle. Basketball players often use jump ropes since it can really boost their speed, vertical jump, and balance. And, these are really important skills needed to master the game of basketball.


No home gym can be complete without a barbell. Barbells are free weights and that makes them much better than the machines at the gym simply because of the stabilization and coordination aspects they bring to workouts. A pro tip would be to look for a sturdy bar. It’s also worth mentioning that if you have small hands you need to pay attention to the diameter of the bar and consider purchasing a thinner bar. Some exercises you can do with a barbell are barbell squats, barbell lunges, lying barbell bench press, and bent-over row. These exercises will boost almost all three major groups of muscles. Your legs, your core, and your arms along with shoulders. Just remember to consult a professional before you start with more complex exercises. Injuries that come as a result of a badly executed exercise with a barbell can be really bad.

Bench (adjustable if possible)

A bench may not be as important as some other pieces of equipment, but it is a critical component due to many exercises that involve lifting. A good bench will allow your body to stay in a safe and correct position. And, that is a key function of every bench and a key factor you need to pay attention to if you don’t want to hurt yourself. Additionally, basic exercises such as the bench press, rows, and so on cannot be done without a bench. And, if you buy an adjustable bench, you will ‘unlock’ even more exercises with dumbbells, etc. An adjustable bench will not only allow you to do more exercise but it’s also good when it comes to space efficiency. Why should you buy sturdy machines that take up a lot of space if you are building a gym at your home?


These were some of the ‘essential’ pieces of equipment every good home gym needs. With such equipment, you will be able to truly transform your body and become stronger both physically and mentally!

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