Guide to buy the best portable basketball hoop for driveway

Guide to buy the best portable basketball hoop for driveway

Have you been thinking about doing some driveway drills to improve your basketball skills? Well, you are certainly going to need a driveway basketball hoop. Portable basketball hoops tend to be the best choice for beginners looking to expand their skills. 


Firstly, they are portable, so it is easy to move around, and also, there is a range of things that make them ideal for outdoor practice quite well. So, what to look for on a portable basketball hoop for driveway? Here is a precise guide to buying the best portable basketball hoop for driveway

Portable basketball hoop Backboard

For portable basketball hoops for the driveway, the Material choice will significantly impact the price and quality. 

Plastic (Polyethylene)

While the most affordable option for a portable basketball hoop for the driveway, a plastic backboard does have some drawbacks. They tend to provide little to no rebound. They tend to be less durable, as well. So while they are good for entertainment, plastic backboards aren’t suitable for drills or practice. 


While polycarbonate backboards can offer more outstanding durability, they are still not good enough as they tend to have a minimal rebound. 


Acrylic covers the best of both worlds and offers a better rebound with more cost-effective hoops. They tend to be quite durable, which is why acrylic backboard and hoops are quite popular among young basketball players who are just starting.


This is what professionals get for their practice on the driveway. Glass hoops tend to be very durable and high in quality. The downside is they are very costly. They are not suitable for players who just started out, but If you have been playing for a long time, you should get a basketball hoop that comes with a glass backboard. They provide the best rebound and a more professional like experience.

Backboard Size

If you are starting, you won’t be needing anything more significant than 44″ to 48″. But if you intend to improve your game in the long term, you should go a bit bigger. Getting a backboard between 50″ to 60″ in size will get you more rebounds as well.


Standard Rim

Do you slam dunk quite often?

Well, then this is not the recommended type of rim for you. Because if you slam dunk too often, the standard rim might not last very long. Because these are not made for that. Although they tend to be cheaper, it might not be for you, depending on your game.

Compression Breakaway Rim

If you do slam dunk and look to get even more aggressive, this is the rim, which will be quite remarkable. Compression Breakaway Rim can provide maximum durability. But it might rust too fast and has to be replaced often.

Pro-Style Compression Breakaway Rim (Covered Springs)

This is what professional basketball players will be practicing, and if you can afford it, you should get one too. They are incredibly durable and suitable for slam dunking as much as you want to. It is costly, but totally worth it.


The base of the portable basketball hoop for the driveway depends on its capacity. The greater the base capacity is, the more stable it will be. But the trade-off will be portability. You need to pick a hoop that is stable enough without sacrificing portability. The ideal base capacity is between 30 gallons to 40 gallons, as it can be easily moved around in the driveway. Also, make sure the base has wheels; otherwise, it will be a hassle to move it around. Although most of the portable basketball hoop comes with wheels, it will be wise to check before purchasing.

Support Pole

The support poles need to be durable and also stable as well. Otherwise, it may shake and hamper the fun of practice drills. 

Three pieces

Many portable basketball hoops have a three-piece support pole, and they tend to be affordable as well. Although they are exceptionally great considering the quality and price, three-piece are more likely to shake very much. 

Two pieces

Two-piece support poles tend to be less shaky. Although you may find a few affordable portable basketball hoops with two-piece poles, they tend to have a costlier price tag. But if you are committed to the game, this would rather a great investment because two-piece poles are very durable and shake very less compared to the three-piece counterpart.

Height Adjustment

Height adjustment is a critical but often overlooked factor when it comes to having a basketball hoop. Because kids tend to grow quite fast, and we often make the mistake of purchasing stuff altogether, forgetting their future growth. So getting an adjustable basketball hoop for the driveway might be a great idea. 

Broom handle mechanisms 

Broom handle mechanisms were more popularly used on basketball hoops in the past. They are now replaced with other height adjustment mechanisms such as crank handles or telescopic ones.

Telescoping handle

You can find plenty of basketball hoops for the driveway that comes with a telescopic handle—these poles can be adjusted on different heights. A basketball hoop with a telescopic pole can be a great choice. They tend to be quite cheap and quite suitable for children and teenage players.  

Crank handle

Crank handle height adjustment is a bit more complicated than the telescopic handles. But they tend to be more durable and reliable as well. There are plenty of great quality portable basketball hoops for the driveway that can be found with crank handles. It is recommended to get one with a crank handle if you fit it on your budget.

Final Words 

Picking a good quality basketball hoop for the driveway is not easy. It will depend on a lot of things, like how much your budget is and how advanced your game is. Whether you will be slam dunking or not, following this guide can help you pick the best portable basketball hoop for your driveway.

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