5 Reasons to Buy a New Baseball Helmet Every Year

5 Reasons to Buy a New Baseball Helmet Every Year

As an athlete or a parent, it’s essential to invest with high-quality, durable, and safety standard-passed baseball gear, especially a batting helmet. With a myriad of product selections in the market right now, buying a perfect fit is always a dilemma if you don’t know what to look for. Changing helmets is vital as your child grows. 

It provides protection vital to your child’s current fitting. While most parents are tempted to buy a large-size batting helmet that can be used for the coming years, this is not practical and compromises the protection your child needs when they’re on the battlefield. 

Getting a well-fitted batting helmet provides consistent levels of protection. With that, it’s essential never to compromise fitting over the amount of money you want to save on proper baseball gear. 

Why You Need A New Baseball Helmet Yearly

One of the most likely reasons you need to buy the right batting helmet for your child is to protect them from getting a direct hit from a fastball, which can cause a severe head injury. While getting hit is rare, you must never overlook the possibilities. You’ll have peace of mind knowing the safety of youth helmets are intensively designed to cater and protect your child from direct hit or injury while playing baseball.

In summary, here’s why you need to buy your child a new baseball helmet yearly.

  • The helmets prevent accidents and a severe head injury that can cause cognitive decline. 
  • Batting helmets are strategically designed to protect a child/youth’s head from hard balls hurling towards the head. 
  • It is required to wear helmets otherwise you’ll not be allowed to compete or play.
  • A well-fitted mask provides an adequate level of safety and protection needed by your child.
  • A more massive sized helmet is good for nothing; you need to find the right fit to adequately optimize and protect the child’s head. 

You can also opt for an adjustable batting helmet that your child can use as they grow. What’s essential is to check the right size and coverage protection. While other parents will go for an adjustable one to minimize the expenses, this factor must never compromise the quality and level of security needed by your athlete. 

Yearly, as your child plays baseball, they also grow, which makes an old helmet smaller for them, and that is where you’ll need to check for a suitable one. Take note that batting helmets are designed to protect your child, which is a top priority you must always remember. 

Factors To Consider When Buying Helmets For Baseball

With tons of products and manufacturers in the market right now, buying a heavy-duty, durable, yet comfortable helmet with adequate protection is getting harder for parents to decide. Not anymore, as long as you know what features to check, you can quickly determine which one has high quality and is ideal for your child. 

  • NOCSAE Passed

For complete peace of mind, find a baseball helmet that is approved and passed the safety standards set by NOCSAE. You know a helmet is high-quality, durable, and safe once it has this mark. 

  • Size

Finding the right size of a helmet is easier. You can opt to measure your head circumference or wear the mask. If you move your head sidewards and the helmet moves, that’s a bigger size. Smaller size helmets won’t go inside anyway.

There are also adjustable size helmets you can opt to try and will grow with your child. 

  • Jaw Guard

This feature provides adequate protection on the jaw where your helmet is facing the pitcher. It is particularly essential for new or young players that are not yet well-experienced to protect themselves during unpredictable pitches adequately.

  • Face Guard

This offers more excellent protection, especially for younger or new players. It’s a piece of cushioned plastic attached to the earlap extending down the jawline and covering your cheekbone.

  • Earlaps

It’s compulsory to always wear a helmet with an earlap, while others wear one earlap, it’s vital to have maximum protection by getting a mask with two earlaps.

  • Price Range

Purchasing sports equipment for your child should not compromise quality and the level of protection needed. It’s a future investment to safeguard your child’s health above all. It means you have to invest with the right quality gear that does not need to break the bank at the same time.


Buying sports equipment like a baseball helmet is essential. As long as it’s NOCSAE-passed and perfectly fits, your child is ready for the game. 

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