Differences Across Slot Game Types

Differences Across Slot Game Types

Who doesn’t love slot games? There are so many different varieties of slot game that there really is something for every player to enjoy, which is the beauty of slot games. But although, we at Thor Slots know that there are different types of slot game, what are the differences between the different slot types, and what is the best and most lucrative type of slot game to play? Let’s see if we can find out when we see what experts have to say! 

There are myriad designs and types of slot game, and the part of the beauty of online slot games is the sky is the limit in terms of design, but there are a few more common type of slots that are firm favourites with players. 

Classic Slots 

Ahhh nostalgia is calling! Classic slot games have stood the test of time and remain a firm favourite with players, who seem to continue to play classic slot games time and time again without wavering commitment! Classic slot games are simplistic and understated in their design and don’t come with a whole hoard of features that more modern slot games do, but their benefit is that they are easy to play and are quite intuitive even for beginner players. Classic slot games often look like old fashioned fruit machines with three reels.  

Five Reel Slots 

Five reel slot games are the most common and these slot games are more innovative than three reels slots, with increased payline possibility as well as the possibility of more features and prizes to be won.  

Progressive Slots 

If you find your head-turning towards jackpot games, progressive slots may be the right slot game for you to immerse yourself in, as progressive slots have a jackpot that builds during the gameplay, with honey-sweet rewards at the end for one lucky player. Although the rewards are huge on progressive slots, generally speaking, the odds of winning are significantly smaller than slot games without a jackpot as a main feature of the game.  

Mega Spin Slots 

One slot game not enough to feed your appetite? Mega spin slots might just be your bag, as they allow you to play multiple slots all in one, increasing your chances of winning big. These exciting and all-encompassing slot games usually also have a progressive jackpot as one of their key features, increasing the excitement and anticipation of the game.  

Multiplier Slots 

Want to multiply your winnings? Say, doubling, tripling or even upping your winnings by up to 100 x? Look no further than multiplier slots that offer exactly what it says on the tin! This kind of slot is usually offered as a feature within other slot types too.  

Final Say 

When it comes to what is the best kind of slot, determining that is really down to preference and what you’re looking to get out of the experience. When it comes to which types of slots are more lucrative, it’s mostly down to chance as every slot type is controlled by a random number generator, although some slot games will have a higher RTP than others, so do your research!

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