E-Bikes: Are They Really Worth It and How to Buy One Cheap

E-Bikes: Are They Really Worth It and How to Buy One Cheap

For centuries, in order to operate a bike, you could rely only on your muscles and simple physics. Today, technology has infused our mechanical two-wheel friends with new possibilities. While some people swear by electric bikes, others are leery of their mere existence. It seems that amidst this clash, sales are soaring and more and more people are deciding to give them a go. So, are they just another passing fad or a game changer in the world of cycling? Are they worth your while? This article should give you an answer.

E-bikes in a nutshell

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Electric bicycles offer much the same benefits as their conventional predecessors. You can use them as an effective means of transportation and save money in the process. They are also an amazing fitness and health-boosting tool. One of the main differences, though, is that they involve an electrical battery. That is why they make pedaling much easier. When you push the pedals as you normally do, the battery-powered assist gives you a boost. You feel more powerful and find it easier to accelerate. Every model has this feature, including what is considered a very cheap electric bike.

Performance advantage

In terms of performance, e-bikes have a considerable edge. Namely, due to the presence of a small motor, they perform better when tackling difficult terrain, such as steep hills, as well as unfavorable weather conditions (strong winds, for instance). They also help those with issues like knee pain and asthma overcome obstacles on the road to enjoying cycling as a hobby. Others may be simply overjoyed that they can commute to work without getting engulfed in sweat. All in all, electric bikes remove many roadblocks that those who ride pedal-operated bikes encounter.

Different strokes for different folks

On the flipside, electric bikes tend to be heavy, complex, louder, and also more expensive. Adventure can also turn into an ordeal when the battery runs out of juice. It is hard to be always aware of the mileage limit. But, the truth is that the choice of whether to buy one comes down to personal preferences. Hardcore mountain bikes are obviously not eager to jump on the bandwagon. Tech geeks, on the other hand, do not hesitate to check out what this novelty has to offer. Some think that there is no reason not to own both. Alas, there are often financial limitations at play.

Always on the move

Since the introduction back in 1991, electric bikes have come a long way. The frames, features, and characteristics have proliferated. In general, they became lighter and tougher. It is possible to find every type of them, including folding e-bikes, mountain bikes, downhill bombers, tandem models, and much more. There is pretty much a bike for every occasion you could imagine. Note that there are purpose-built electric bikes (they were designed and sold as such) and those what get converted into ones later. The former are usually preferable.

On a budget

We mentioned earlier that e-bikes are more on an expensive side, but that does not mean they cost an arm and a leg. In fact, if you do your homework, you can find affordable electric bike that will last longer and perform well. And you will end up with just a fraction of the cost of owning a car. The battery tech and power electronics are advancing fast and we are poised to see even better, more affordable, and sleeker models. Models like E-go Fat Bike are the best proof of this. It has a long-lasting battery and powerful build, emulating benefits of much pricier bikes.

Most bang for your buck

To find the cheapest electric bike that actually performs nicely, you have to invest a lot of time. Likewise, it is a good idea to steer away from products that have a short lifespan, are overly heavy, or include shabby lead-acid batteries. Well, we did the research for you and present some of the models that struck a chord. You do not have to limit yourself to e-bike kits and e-trailers. For example, if you are looking for a low-cost, best value electric bike, you cannot go wrong with Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1. This popular, 26-inch two-wheeler features a mountain bike design and runs 28 miles per charge.

Best in class

Some claim that you should spend a minimum of $1,500 on an e-bike, but today, you can check out guides on the best electric bike under $1000. So, there is really no need to blow the budget. That being said, do not go to low— you do not want your throttle mechanism breaking or battery pack sells dying. Stick to something like an X-Treme Trail Maker. It has an excellent seat-post suspension, is easy to assemble, and dominates off-round byways. Among the ranks of cheap electric bikes, few other paragons stand out. That cuttingly goes for Watseka XP Cargo-electric. Its main selling points are cargo basket that gives storage utility, a nice low-step frame, and comfortable design.

Suit yourself

For a few thousands more, you can obtain a top-notch product with two years of warranty and a motor from the reputable manufacturer like Shimano or Yamaha. The usually feature intuitive controls, fenders, lithium-based batteries, racks, sublime aesthetics, and integrated dynamo lights. Above that price range, lies the realm of premium class products. If you want to venture there, be my guest. Just do a bit of research beforehand. Seek whatever floats your boat, the best cheap electric bike or top-of-the-line products. Also, feel free to rend an electric bike and get a feeling for it first.

Set the wheels into motion

E-bikes are here to stay and rock the world. To find the most suitable one for yourself, carefully assess all the pros and cons associated with owning and riding an electric bike. As you have seen, they vary wildly in terms of price, quality, style, and utility. Of course, your decision has a lot to do with how you would like to use the bike: to cruise around the neighborhood, burn some calories, commute to work, storm downhill, or something else? Yes, they are not cheap, but they can save you money compared to cars. They also provide health and environmental benefits, so it is a win-win.

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