Difference Between English and American Pool Tables

Difference Between English and American Pool Tables

All must have gone through a common confusion while searching or buying a pool table – which one to pick the English pool table or American pool table? If you see normally, you will find that both the pool tables are same as they look. And as a beginner, it is almost impossible to identify between the two. But, Yes, there are some major differences between the two tables and one must know the distinctions before buying it. In these writing, we will discuss the difference between English and American pool table and will get rid of your confusion forever. Let’s read.

Pool Table

Pool table has different names such as a billiards table, snooker table etc. It is a bounded kind of table where billiards-type of games are played. There are two types of pool tables are found 

  • English Pool Table
  • American Pool Table

This is the basic description of a pool table this might help you in the later part.

Major Difference Between English and American Pool Tables

Here we will discuss the major differences only and help you to find or identify the right one for you.

History, Ancient and Traditional Perspective:

The English pool table game is the most ancient and original one. It was invented around the 16th or 17th century. The kings and queens played with these pool tables as their pastimes and a lot of traditions were attached to it.

American pool table is the newest one and it was invented most probably in the 1830s and in the 1900s, it was very popular with its 8 ball pool version. 

Pool Table Size

One can easily identify which one is American one and which one is English by their pool table size. The regular and standard size of an English pool table is 7ft. You can also find the 6ft and 8ft versions also. The championship matches are also played in a 7ft regular version, so try to buy it. 

The American pool table is larger compared to the English one and it starts from 8ft to 9ft. So, if you have knowledge regarding the sizes, you can easily identify both the pool tables.

Pool Table Ball Size and Style:

The ball which is used to play in a pool table is also different from one another. The object ball size that the English table uses is slightly smaller in size and it is just 2 inches balls and 118gm in weight. The cue ball of the British one is also small and it is just 1 1/7 inches in size and weight is 96gm

On the other hand, American pool table ball size is slightly bigger in size – by measuring 2¼ inches in size and 169gm in weight. And cue ball of the American one is the same as the object ball having 2¼ inches in size and 169gm in weight. 

That’s why American pool table balls are easily and instantly recognizable for it’s bigger size with iconic spots and stripes.

Pool Table Pocket Size, Style:

The pocket size of the pool tables is very different from each other. In the British pool table, the pocket sizes are small for their small ball sizes.

On the contrary, the pocket size of the American pool table ball is slightly bigger by 1mm. That’s why the regular size is also increased. Actually, the size of the ball is bigger that’s why it needs bigger pocket. Find more great products by checking we refer the guide of pool cues by pingpongpassion.

Pool Cue length:

We can identify the tables by their respective pool cue length. The pool cue length of the English one is just 57 inches. 

The length of the pool cue of USA oriented pool table is 58 inches which are slightly bigger by length and size.

Table Cloth Material:

The material of cloth is also different. The English pool table cloth is mostly velvet like Furry feeling texture or a ‘nap’., So the surface creates more ball friction and can be slower than the American one. But with time it can be faster.

The American Pool ball table cloth is very smooth in texture and gives you a nice overall feeling. The gameplay is also faster and smoother also.

Final Verdict – Decision Making

The difference between the two tables may be very little but one can easily identify it in a minute. From the above discussion, we can tell that the American one has a bigger size and length in every section and this differentiate point is enough for identifying. 

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