Essential Sporting Gear For Mountain Biking Enthusiasts

Essential Sporting Gear For Mountain Biking Enthusiasts

Mountain biking is an incredibly exhilarating sport that thousands of people around the world enjoy. While your choice of mountain bike is vital, you will also need some essential sporting gear, just as you would when partaking in absolutely any other sport. Even though mountain biking requires minimal gear, you will need these essentials to get started on your journey towards navigating nature as a biking enthusiast.

Sports Glasses

Whether you wear prescription lenses or you will only need sun protection from your specs, sports glasses are incredibly beneficial to mountain bikers. Standard specs aren’t the best solution as their standard designs don’t offer enough for an extreme sport such as mountain biking. You will need frames that are comfortable, fit properly, and meet the requirements of sporting glasses. 

A Quality Helmet

There’s no doubt that you will need a quality helmet as an essential gear item that is just as important as your mountain bike. Should you fall while exploring the wilderness on your bike, your head will be exposed entirely without a helmet, and even a small bump at the right angle can be massively damaging. Mountain biking might not be the most dangerous extreme sport out there, although it is still hazardous in its own ways, which is why you should invest in quality protective headgear.

Hydration Pack

It can be too tricky to try to pull out a water bottle while maneuvering a bike through nature. Instead of finding odd ways to make this practice possible, you should invest in a hydration pack. A hydration pack for bikers is designed to ensure you can pull out your water bottle with ease. There are different types of hydration packs on the market, so it will be worth your while to consider which design will be most comfortable for you. 

Mountain Biking Shoes

Cleated mountain biking shoes are designed to work with the pedal of your bike. Ordinary shoes won’t do. Cycling shoes help lock your feet to the bicycle. While you can consider regular cycling shoes, cleated shoes are the most practical solution for mountain bikers that want to enjoy their sporting adventure in comfort.

Padded Bike Shorts

Biking shorts might not be the most fashion-forward choice of attire, although the sporting world doesn’t care much for trends. Padded bike shorts will give you the right amount of comfort. Both men and women will find that mountain biking and cycling on the road is not as comfortable in regular shorts. 

Bicycle Repair Kit

Another absolute essential for the mountain biking enthusiast is a bicycle repair kit. However, anyone that owns a bicycle should have a kit as well. These repair kits are relatively compact, so you will be able to secure it to your bike or pack it in with your water. They are also exceptionally affordable as most bikers buy quite a few at a time to always have at least one on hand. It is also best to investigate your repair kit and how it works before heading off on your first journey. Fixing a tire puncture may no be rocket-science, although it can be a bit confusing if you have never repaired a puncture before.

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