8 Extreme Adventures You Can Have in Antarctica

8 Extreme Adventures You Can Have in Antarctica

Going on an Antarctic adventure requires serious preparations. You have to be prepared both physically and psychologically. Also, you should maintain good strength in preparation for the tasks ahead. Below are some of the exciting adventures you can take if you are in Antarctica.

Take a Bath at Deception Island

The waters of Deception Island are no ordinary they are near-freezing. Taking a swim in the water during an expedition cruise of Antarctica is a rite of passage for anyone seeking adventure. The water is so cold, you can hardly spend more than a few seconds on it. However, some days are brilliant the sun may keep the water a less cold if you are lucky. The beautiful black sand beach of Whalers Bay with an overcast sky and abating wind is enough to give you the kind of extreme adventure you want.

Take a Polar Plunge

The best time to take a polar plunge in Antarctica is in December. In preparation for a plunge, first, take an ice-cold shower. This will make your system adjust to the what lies ahead. However, the fear of taking the plunge comes only before taking it. Once you are in the water, it’s not as bad as you think. However, it gets intense once you’re out. You will experience shallow air temperature, and feel the gushing wind, probably fiercely and, of course, that’s when you’ll feel the rush of taking a mean plunge. In all, taking a polar plunge is one of the most exciting and extreme adventures you can participate in.

Give the Antarctic Ice Marathon a Try

There are usually two events at the Union Glacier, Antarctica holds two major events every November. The first is the Antarctic Ice Marathon and the shorter Half Marathon. These are a great option if you are looking for a challenge. This is because not only do participants need to run a far distance, but they also must handle strong winds and bitter cold. Some runners find the best practice by placing their treadmills in large walk-in freezers. But if you still think this is not extreme enough for you, then you can always compete in the Antarctica 100k that is held every January. Running the Marathon is indeed exciting and fun in a not-so-fun way.

Play Ice Hockey

Yes, that’s right. If you don’t believe me, then you should check Antarctica Ice Hockey team and their website where you can find more information. Playing ice hockey on Antarctica sure does sound like a lot of fun and it requires a lot of preparation. Antarctic Hockey is currently looking for new players to join them. The bad side is that it’s an organized event, so you should book your spot on time. However, some people without good skill level come and skate on frozen ponds. The risk and consequence are too great considering the unknowns, so please, be aware of the safety concerns.

Spend a Night Under the Stars

Just like camping anywhere else, camping in Antarctica can be a fulfilling and unique experience. However, a sleeping bag in Antarctica isn’t like the local camping trip you take at home. This is because you are spending your night in sub-zero temperatures that are like nothing you have ever experienced before. To protect yourself, you will want to make sure you wear plenty of protective clothing such as parkas and snow boots. A large part of this experience is staying in tune with the world around you in such a different atmosphere. Traditionally, campers live on water and spend time before preparing and eating their fill.

Go Hiking

The reward for completing a steep hike is getting to enjoy the views from the top of a mountain in Antarctica. You may have to battle through fierce winds and difficult terrains as you hike through the snow, of course, but viewing the majestic beauties from the top pays off for the torture of the cold. Also, you can sled down the slope when you get to the top. This experience is particularly thrilling. For safety, however, it is advisable to wear snowshoes or hiking boots and using trekking poles.

Sailboat Travel

When most of us think of luxury, we think of cruise ships and relaxing vacations. Sometimes, though, you want a little more adventure and danger in your trips. So, instead of buying tickets to a cruise, consider a sailboat trip in Antarctica. Sailboats are smaller vessels than a typical commercial boat, but they do allow sailors to experience the quiet beauty of the sea. They give you a particularly close look since they are made to navigate the extreme conditions that the landscape Antarctica has to offer.

Kayak Past Icebergs and Penguins

Another preference for traveling in a sailboat is kayaking. Kayakers have the opportunity to view floating icebergs and penguins up close, unlike in cruise ships where you may only have to view them from far off. The water can be rough, so it is better if you wait for a calm day to go kayaking. You don’t want to find yourself sinking in that cold water, do you? Of course, that would be extremely extreme.

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