Female Extreme Sports (2021 Edition)

Female Extreme Sports (2021 Edition)

It’s 2021 and women have no restrictions on what sport or activities they should or can do in their spare time. Even more! All sports are now open for women to participate professionally. What a great time to be a woman! Overall, ever since feminism was invented, women are finally free to be themselves. For many, sports have become a big part of their lives. There is no such thing, though, as female sports. After all, we are all for equality here. However, there are numerous sports that are incredibly popular with women. Some of those sports are even extreme. 

Extreme sports can test your strength, will, patience, and mind. It is there to discover our personal limits or the lack of such. Though, most of all, extreme sports are incredibly empowering. Bringing your body and mind to the edge of its abilities and taking it one step further is an incredible feeling that will grant you the confidence and courage to live your life to the fullest. Let’s see what extreme sports are popular among women these days. 


Somehow when you hear surfing, you immediately imagine a long-haired topless dude with a surfing board. Well, this stereotype has to go already. It’s time for women to dominate in the surfing world. So many female athletes have already proven that women not just belong in surfing but they can strive there as well. Overall, the ocean is deep and powerful. It is also unforgiven. You have to be good at what you do to handle the might of the ocean. Of course, this sport is often limited by the close geographical location to the ocean, which not all of us are so lucky to have. Yet, the lucky ones have definitely grown to like surfing as a hobby or even career. Ever since the 1980s, the number of female surfers has been only increasing. You can even order a political essay on second wave feminism from SuperbGrade.Com to learn more about that time. 

Still, many female surfers have to deal with jokes about getting their hair wet or even suffer from blatant sexualization. Perhaps, it explains why there are still much fewer females in this sport (about 20% professionally). However, female athletes show the world again and again that they can handle the roar of the ocean. After all, surfing is all about balance and timing. What is there that a woman can’t do?

Roller derby

We’ve been writing before that there is no such thing as an only female sport. Well, we could have been wrong. Roller derby is an incredibly popular extreme sport for women. Of course, men participate in it too. However, it’s like male and female soccer. Only the former are getting the proper recognition in this sport. The same is here. Roller derby has become a very common sport for women ever since roller skates were invented. The first roller skating races existed back in the 1900s. However, it’s been a few decades later that this sport became more physical (and extreme). Over the years, this sport has also become more theatrical, though, it didn’t make it less dangerous. 

As roller derby is a team sport, it gives you four new friends who you get very close with during all those training you have. You also get to wear cool costumes, race crazily fast, and release some of that anger bottled up in you. What a blast it all can be!

Water rafting

When water rafting, you don’t need to be super physically strong, fast, or even flexible. What you must have is a fast reaction, concentration, and love for water because you will have a lot of it. After all, it’s not about how strong you can paddle but how good you are at it. You need to pay attention, know the landscape, and react really fast, as the water is rarely on your side in this situation. 

Rafting is gaining popularity not only among women but among men as well. What’s great about it, is that it’s a team sport and no one cares whether you have mixed teams (both male and females) or not. Your only goal here is to stay afloat, which at times, can be extremely hard to do. Of course, rafting can be as dangerous and extreme as you want it to be. It all depends on the tracks (rivers) you choose for yourself. 

To conclude

Women should feel empowered to try any sports that they want. Whether it is an extreme sport or not, only you can know how well you can handle the challenge. Overall, sports are a great platform for unification and leaving all the differences behind. Whether you are on the football field, rink, river, or in the ocean, you are all athletes in those situations. Sport can do wonders for gender equality. Why? Well, because we can all be good at it, respect the rules, and enjoy ourselves in the process. 

Sarah Del Rosario
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