Five of the Most Extreme Sports in the World

Five of the Most Extreme Sports in the World

When it comes to extreme sports it is only human nature that people will search for even more extreme activities to get their adrenaline pumping. Once one supposedly extreme sport has become too mainstream for some, they will be looking for the next big thrill.

Not all the extreme sports on our list are particularly new but they are not always the first ones that are talked about. Most of these won’t appear on online sportsbooks like Bovada yet – although extreme sports do feature on a surprisingly common basis. But if you are looking for something that will really get your blood rushing, you will want to have a go at these.

Volcano Surfing

Before you wonder whether extreme sports have finally gone too far, volcano surfing, or boarding, is not riding the lava of a volcano. It is the art of surfing through the ash left on the slopes of a volcano. These are still active though, so it is not a gentle ride without any risk.

Protective clothing is necessary, as the volcano will be giving off fumes and chemicals. But the actual board can be made of just about anything. Some of the most popular locations for volcano surfing include Cerro Negro in Nicaragua and Mount Bromo in Indonesia.

Cave Diving

Caving is not always regarded as a particularly dangerous pursuit. But there have been countless incidents of people getting stuck in tiny openings around the world. Well, take the claustrophobic nature of that, mixed with the darkness, and add the fact that these caves are in the ocean.

Cave diving hotspots include the Great Blue Hole in the Bahamas and Elephant Head Rock in Thailand. But there are plenty of destinations if this pastime rocks your boat. A very high level of scuba diving experience is a must, obviously. But this kind of underwater exploration will really get the heart racing.


Sometimes referred to as slacklining, this extreme sport is a little like a highwire routine. But instead of taking place in the comforts of a circus big tent, it is a slack line (hence the name) tied between two rocks over ten meters high. The factor that makes it extreme is that the line is routinely quite a distance above ten meters.

One of the most popular highlining locations is the Yosemite Valley in California. But these highwire daredevils will pitch their line just about anywhere – as long as it is very high up. The highliners can attach themselves for safety but with the gusts of wind that high, this is an extreme sport not for the faint-hearted.

Ice Swimming

Wild swimming has gotten a lot of attention recently. But for an extra level of chill and extreme sports dedication, why not try ice swimming? It has become so popular that there is even an International Ice Swimming Association that governs the sport and lays down the rules of what constitutes an icy dip.

The swim can be anywhere – outdoors or indoors – although outdoors is more naturally impressive. As long as the water is 41 degrees Fahrenheit or less, you are good to go. Some of the bucket list destinations include Tern Lake in Alaska and Nautholsvik Beach in Iceland.

Base Jumping

This is one extreme sport that has attracted a lot of negative media attention over the years due to accidents and deaths. But there are legal options for anyone wishing to feel the rush of hurtling towards the ground at great speed. Rather than jumping out of a plane, base jumpers hurl themselves off of buildings or cliffs.

With late parachute openings and gusts of wind, base jumping is an extremely dangerous activity but there are some incredible locations for those experienced enough to give it a go. Angel Falls in Venezuela and the Perrine Bridge in Idaho are two places that aficionados rate.

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