Full-Face Helmets: Essential Safety Gear for Small Biking Daredevils

Full-Face Helmets: Essential Safety Gear for Small Biking Daredevils

A new generation of young bikers is determined to go faster, harder, and bigger than any generation before them. The thing is that you cannot really blame them for having this innate drive. Learning to cycle is an important step in every child’s life. Besides, it a form of exercise that works wonders for the health and psychical development of a child.

So, instead of denying them the thrill of adventure, we should help them stay on the safe side. Full-face helmets designed with youth in mind are improving and growing in numbers by each passing day. As fun as danger can be, it’s not always the safest place for young adrenaline-filled kids. Tough kids scooter helmets with reliable safety designs are a vital part of biking gear that every parent should invest in. Accidents will happen, but preventing them from doing lasting damage is what counts during this phase. They represent the mainstay of the every biking safety gear for kids. Here is how the pick one that fits your little biker like a glove.


Safety first


Recent years have shown us that there is hardly such a thing as being too young for biking exploits. Like it or not, kids adore jumping on their four-wheeled friends and some of them are pretty good at it.  We have seen ten-year-old kids performing jumps at Red Bell Rampage Challenge and even two-year-old hitting titter-totters at famous bike parks.

Of course, one should never throw caution to the wind. The aforementioned activities require the little ones to wear safety gear in the league of the kids full-face helmet. The market for such pieces is limited, but there are still enough quality products to choose from.  They come as a blessing for parents who have crash-prone kids not used to shying away from taking bold decisions and facing risks.


Moving parts


There are several key elements you must take into account when making a decision. For starters, you should set aside attractiveness of design and attached extras. This aspect will come into play later. Namely, when shopping around, always pay attention to the indented age range for every product. Here, it goes without saying that head circumference is crucial.

So, take a flexible tape to measure your child’s head. Put it right above eyebrows for the most accurate result. Naturally, the helmet of your choice must be small enough. Thus, do not make the mistake of buying up one size as many parents do. In that case, the helmet does not give maximum protection and increases the risk of injury.


Prime credentials


Also, you might want to look for products that are properly certified and thus suitable for kids who are eager to go big. For example, most helmets sold in the US have CPSC certification, which is the equivalent of CE EN1078 in Europe. Note that these certifications are not exclusive to full-face helmets as they apply to other adult and kids helmets.

One safety credential that is particularly important is ASTM-F1952. Think of it as a golden standard that serves as a testament to top-notch quality in the safety department. It is specific to helmets for downhill riding and provides an additional protective layer. Unfortunately, not all full-face helmets have it, so you should be advised.


The price tag


Finally, we have the price, which is usually a factor. However, I would argue it should not be the main issue. Skimping on your children’s safety is not really an option. After all, it is quite invaluable. That being said, there are certain products marketed for parents on the budget. This is the case with the Fox Racing Rampage, a helmet with a small profile.

It is actually the most affordable full-face helmet that meets safety certification. Ultimately, it all depends on the intended use. Does your kid want to casually cruise the neighborhood, storm downhill, or do some trail riding? Let that be your guiding light and cover all the other bases as well.


Kid-friendly products


Furthermore, when it comes to protective helmets, it is best to stick to lightweight, smaller-profile options that will not impede biking experience or cause neck pain. The younger and more petite your kid is, the more you have to worry about weight. In my opinion, Bell Sanction is one of the best kids full-face bicycle helmets.  And not because of sleek looks.

With this piece protecting your child, you will not have to worry even when you allow it to go on downhill rides and self-shuttled escapades. It is small enough to even serve as a toddler full-face helmet.  This also means that it is not exactly the beefiest solution there is. For young kids, though, it does the trick just fine and lets them enjoy free and independent biking.


No shortage of options


Kali Zoka is another product worth considering. It is a perfect lightweight helmet for laps at the bike park. For a reasonable price, you get features such as removable pads, various colors, and adjustable visor. If you are looking for a sturdier, full-face mountain bike helmet, check out Bell Super 3R MIPS. It is actually an adult product, but it is small enough to be worn by elementary-school-age kids.

A neat feature is a removable chin bar, which allows you to convert the helmet. This saves the cost of buying two helmets. Bear in mind that the list of possibilities does not end here. For example, parents that need a quality kids BMX helmet should look no further than FlyRacing Kinetic Invasion Youth. Go on and embark on a smart adventure together with kids.


Out of the harm’s way


The safety gear market for kids is growing and bringing forth ever sturdier and better-designed options. So, take your time to compare prices and quality of products. They are tailored to different ages, uses, and budgets. You also need to prioritize credentials like ASTM certification. Once you assess these factors, you can turn your attention to bells and whistles.

Your choices matter a great deal and make a difference between your kids suffering a serious injury and completely avoiding peril. If you play it smart, you can preserve the safety without going out of your way to do it. Therefore, pull your weight. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. You know what they say: better safe than sorry.




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