Guide to Buy Compact Travel Umbrellas that Fit in Your Bag

Guide to Buy Compact Travel Umbrellas that Fit in Your Bag

Umbrellas are used from the ancient ages for several reasons. Previously they were used to resist the sunlight to fall directly on the kings and the priests. As time passed on, there were innovations in the technology of the making of umbrellas. They were made more compact to carry with when someone is outside the home. Umbrellas are generally used to safeguard the scorching sunlight as well as the drops of rain in rainy weather. But the uses of umbrellas are not confined to these now. They have become a style statement also for the new generation. 

There are several types of umbrellas available in the market now. For the kids, there are colorful umbrellas which they love very much. Some of the people like their umbrellas to be printed as they look good and are eye attracting to carry. But most of the time, the umbrellas are black so that they can stop the insertion of the sunlight under it. After all, these use too, there are some other uses of umbrellas also. The photographers use umbrellas for their profession. They set the light behind the umbrella. The rays pass through the semi-transparent material of it and spread the light equally on the object to be framed.

What to Consider when Buying an Umbrella?

  • Protectivity

Mainly umbrellas are used for protection from the sun lights and rain showers. If the material of the umbrella is of high quality then it can stay usable for years. Your umbrella should be strong enough to face harsh rain showers and strong wind in the monsoon seasons. Basically, the traditional umbrellas are 40 inches so that you can prevent the sprinkles of raindrops. The umbrellas should be easy to open and close. Sometimes you might have to open them in a flash of seconds and also in the same way you may have to close it. It is better if you can open it with one hand if some sudden rain shower appears. 

  • Portability

An umbrella should be portable as you have to travel with it. The first condition of being portable is being lightweight. You can carry an umbrella with you at ease if it is of not more than 400 grams. But there are some companies that produce mini umbrella for travelers with a weight of not more than 200 grams. If the object is light then the dimension of it also will reduce and it will fit well in your luggage bag without occupying any extra space for it.

  • Durability

The material of the umbrella should be of a super-fine quality. Since this is going to be used for the purpose of traveling, the materials should be highly durable like steel, fiberglass or aluminum. As these are metals, there are chances of rust on them so some of the umbrellas are having Teflon coating to prevent water acquisition of the metals.

Some of the Best Traveling Umbrellas

Since the article is on umbrellas, so let’s get some ideas about the best umbrellas for traveling.

  • Repel Windproof Umbrella for traveling

This is the best umbrella as per the marketers as it can defend the user from all kinds of harsh natural powers like the sunlight, rain showers and high-speed winds. The materials are so durable that they hardly get to have rust on it. The object has a quick open and close button if you have your hands engaged to carry other things. The umbrella can be opened automatically and is an ideal choice for travelers. If you bundle this up, it takes a length of approximately less than 1 foot and it weighs less than a pound also. So it is the automatic choice for any person who is on a tour.

  • EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella

When you need the best protection from wind, then you have the option of EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella which is super strong to stop the wind. It never gets blown up inside out as this has a vented double canopy for the best ever wind protection. The vents are kept so that the wind can go through the umbrella but at a lesser speed. Though the wind is allowed to enter, there is no space for the water to get in and thus, you stay completely dry while you use this umbrella. It is a very compact device with its size and becomes less than 1 foot when bundled up. The weight is also light as this makes it a complete package of traveling umbrella.

  • Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella

One of the best umbrellas with the wind protection features created by the company named Rain mate. The materials used to make them really durable and rustproof. The ribs of the umbrella are made of fiberglass that makes it lightweight and super compact for traveling. The canopy of this umbrella is 43 inches which is more than enough to stop the rain sprinkles and prevent you from getting wet.

  • Compact & Lightweight Travel Umbrella by Lewis N. Clark

While you are looking for a super solid umbrella for your backpack, the Lewis N. Clark Compact & Lightweight Travel Umbrella can be the best alternative for you. It weighs only 10 ounces with a super sturdy design. The materials are highly water-resistant to protect your umbrella from getting rusty. The pack of it is also made with a material that is mold resistant and thus, there is no fear of fungal infection. The material of the canopy is so good that it never holds the water drops so you don’t need to spend time drying it out.

  • Travel Umbrella Crown Coast

This is the best umbrella to protect wind with a speed up to 60 km/hr. The umbrellas go through several quality checks and then only are released to the market. This becomes the most compact one while you travel with it and lets you have the full pleasure of your tour.

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