How Do I Get a Parachutist Certificate? What Is Aff? How to Become a Skydiver?

How Do I Get a Parachutist Certificate? What Is Aff? How to Become a Skydiver?

Each of us has heard about skydiving, almost everyone has thought about jumping, but not everyone has made this jump, quite a few are athletes of various disciplines of parachuting. Today I will tell you how to jump with a parachute, what it takes and how much it costs. And if you are sitting at home and you are sad, play at the 22Bet .


Beginners can choose between an independent jump from 800-900 meters and a jump with an instructor (tandem jump) from 4000 meters. Consider the first option:

Round Parachute

You can make an independent jump with a round parachute on the day of arrival at the airfield. You will spend the first half of the day doing preparation, training, training. After 13-14 o’clock in the afternoon, the first take-offs begin for the “pervorazoviks” (those who jump for the first time). For the jump, you will need: insurance (can be purchased in advance from insurance companies or, often, at the airfield for one day), medical certificate (optional, depending on the airfield or, as parachutists call them, DZ – drop zones), payment for the jump, rental of a parachute system, glasses, helmet, overalls, parachute stowage. The average cost is 4000-5000 rubles for everything: training, rent, laying, jump, certificate. You can find the nearest drop zone on maps or on the Internet. After registration and payment, you will be taken to a group of the same daredevils. Usually there are 10-15 people in a group (so many parachutists fit into the plane). They will tell you a lot of simple theories, teach you how to get out of the plane (compartment) correctly, control the dome (a round parachute can be unmanageable at all or turn around on its axis), and land safely. After training, there is a lunch break. Then they equip everyone, give out glasses, helmets, systems. In good weather, loading into the aircraft (AN-2, AN-28, L-410, Cessna), climbing to an altitude of 800-900 meters and dropping parachutists begin. It is worth remembering that you have the right to refuse to jump (and you will get your money back) before boarding the plane. You will not have a way back from the plane, how to jump. The free fall (before the parachute opens) will be 3 or 4 seconds. After landing, you will be presented with a certificate. You can make several jumps at will.

A Wing-Type Parachute

The second possible option of skydiving on the day of arrival at the airfield is a tandem jump, that is, a jump paired with an instructor. The training takes about 30 minutes (working out the correct body position during separation, in free fall and on landing). You will be strapped to the instructor and his parachute. The height of the jump is 4000 meters. Free fall takes 40-45 seconds. The cost is about 9000-12000 rubles, depending on the region and drop zone. Additionally, you can order video and photo shooting of your jump. The tandem jump can also be the first step in the training of the AFF course.

AFF Course

AFF – Accelerated Freefall (accelerated free fall). This is a training course for independent parachute jumps of the “Wing” type from a height of up to 5000 meters. It is called accelerated because it has only 8 steps, that is, 8 jumps. Upon successful completion of each of them, the AFF course student receives a certificate and the opportunity to make independent jumps without an instructor from a height of up to 5000 meters. The first step can be a tandem jump, then 3 jumps with 2 instructors, the rest with one instructor, the exam / test is performed independently (the instructor insures the student, but does not concern him). Upon successful completion of the exam, the student receives a certificate, a parachutist’s book and the opportunity to make independent jumps (payment will only go for climbing to a height, renting a system and equipment – about 2000-2500 rubles). The cost of the AFF course ranges from 60,000 to 90,000 rubles and depends on the number of jumps, the availability of video footage, training in an air tube (a tube where a constant air flow is created by a turbine to hone the skills of a parachutist, this saves time and does not require trips to the airfield). After the AFF course, the student makes independent jumps, simultaneously learning the theory of parachute laying, group and night jumps, and landing accuracy. After 20 jumps, a student can pass the exam for Category A. This category will allow you to make independent jumps in other drop zones of Russia and the world. Further training can continue until the certificate of the operator or instructor is obtained.

Bottom line: parachuting is an extreme sport that requires considerable physical and financial costs, but emotions, sensations and adrenaline pay for everything in full. You can understand this sport after the first perfect jump: either it will be crazy memories for a lifetime, or you will become a parachutist athlete.

Sarah Del Rosario
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