How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last on One Charge

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last on One Charge

You have an electric golf cart, suppose you have gone for a trip with this golf cart. Then, in the halfway of your trip, you may be thinking about how long do golf cart batteries last on one charge, wondered? If you have an electric golf cart, then you would know the importance of batteries’ service of the cart.

How long a battery will serve that totally depends on the battery model, voltage, and the configuration of the cart. But, in a general sense, an electric golf cart with new batteries will last for a distance of 25-40 miles. Isn’t it amazing? A single charge and go for about 40 miles.

Well, now, we are about to talk about the service of a golf cart battery and other different facts about the golf cart batteries. So, without wasting any time let’s start our discussion.

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last on One Charge? A Full Guide for a Golf Cart Owner!

There are different types of golf carts according to power supply like- electric golf carts and gas-powered golf carts. But, over time, people started loving electric golf carts for several reasons. Here, the reasons are-

  • The pollution rate is zero
  • Operating noise is very low
  • Safer than other golf carts due to the low speed

The electric golf carts get power from the batteries that are lead-acid and deep cycle. The performance of the batteries totally depends on their service age and maintenance. If a golf cart owner takes proper care of the batteries, then batteries will give good service.

Generally, an electric golf cart can go up to 40 miles on a single charge. But, sometimes, you would see a golf cart that goes over 50 miles, but, how? There are some factors for that milestone. Here, they are-

  • The battery configuration
  • The voltage of the golf cart
  • Model of the cart and batteries
  • Golf cart motors

There are two types of golf carts and they are the AC Drive motor and another one is DC Drive motor. The AC Drive motor is a more efficient and good service provider than the DC Drive motor.

The golf cart’s battery performance also depends on the golf cart’s seating configuration. Every golf cart has 2 seating configurations. Here, they are-

  • 2 seating configuration golf carts
  • 4 seating configuration golf carts

Golf carts with 2 seating configurations are better service providers than a 4 seating configuration golf cart. Because a  2 seater golf cart has to carry lower weight than a 4 seater golf cart. More weight means more energy from the motor and less weight means less energy from the motor. Now, tell us, which will give much better service?

The science behind the service of a deep cycle battery is in the lead of it. The more lead in a battery means more charging capacity. This more charging capacity will offer you more run time for your golf cart. Isn’t it amazing? So, you need to choose a golf cart that has batteries with more lead in them.

How to Maintain a Golf Cart & Batteries for Better Service? Interested?

To get proper service and long time run, you have to take proper care of your cart and battery too. So, now, we are going to share some tips and suggestions for your cart and batteries.

As a golf cart owner, you should follow to increase your golf cart performance with long-lasting batteries. Here, they are-

For the Charging-

  • You should charge your battery until it is fully charged
  • Using your cart without full charge will affect the performance of your battery
  • Make sure that your cart has enough time to be fully charged before using the cart
  • Try to charge your golf cart batteries every single day that will give your batteries a longer lifetime
  • You should not wait for charging until the batteries get charge-less. You have to charge the batteries before the cart loses its battery charge

For the Charger-

  • If you over-charge your golf cart batteries, then it may reduce your batteries’ lifetime and service
  • You should have a charger that will automatically shut off charging when the batteries are fully charged
  • But, if you have an old model battery charger, then you have to check whether the batteries are charged or not, then shut down it

Taking Proper Care-

  • You have to keep your batteries neat and clean every time. If possible, then clean them every week or after every use of the cart
  • Try to check regularly the water level of the batteries before every use
  • The older model batteries use more water. So, we suggest taking a newer model of battery for your cart for better performance

For the Operation-

  • Nowadays, golfers love to add different types of accessories from fancy lights to speakers to their carts. These accessories get power from batteries. So, when you are leaving the cart, then make sure you turn off all the accessories to save more power
  • After parking your cart, you should turn off your golf cart too. Because if you let the cart turned on and leave it, then it will consume all the power of your batteries

For Driving-

  • Your way of driving the cart also has an impact on the battery performance
  • Try to avoid driving your cart the uphill roads
  • You should avoid carrying the extra load or weight on your cart

For Replacing the Batteries-

  • If you take proper care of your batteries, then the batteries will last for up to 5 years or more
  • When you think that it is time to replace the batteries, then replace all the batteries. Do not have a combination of new and old batteries
  • The old and new batteries combination will kill the new batteries’ performance and your cart performance too

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I leave my golf cart plugged in all the time?

Answer: Of course, no. You should not leave your golf cart plugged in all the time. But, if you have a charger that automatically stops charging when the batteries are fully charged, then it’s okay.

What are the common mistakes that kill your golf cart’s battery?

Answer: There are some common mistakes that can kill your golf cart battery. Here, they are-

  • Some users don’t take proper care of the batteries and also avoid the maintenance
  • Over-charging of the battery is harmful to the batteries
  • Using the cart over the limitations of it that affect the batteries

Our Verdict

In our discussion, we tried to bring all the relevant information about how long do golf cart batteries last on one charge. We researched a lot about golf cart batteries and the performance of the batteries. After getting all the information, we tried our best to bring them to you guys.

There are some basic things to increase the battery performance and battery life of your golf cart. We shared all of these basic things in the above discussion. We hope that these will enrich your knowledge about golf cart batteries. 

If you have anything more to know about the golf cart batteries, then feel free to knock us by emailing or commenting. We will appreciate your eagerness to knowing.

Best of luck guys.

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