How to be a good Airsoft shooter?

How to be a good Airsoft shooter?

An Airsoft shooter must have many qualities that a normal person does not possess. The role of a shooter in an Airsoft sport is to use his intelligence and eliminate other players with long-distance shots in order to eliminate certain players from the opposing team. Selected shooters must have excellent aim. They should be able to assume a position, aim, control their breathing and pull the trigger. The position is an important aspect of this game. Today we will talk about some skills that a good Airsoft shooter must have.

How to be a good Airsoft shooter? 

Below, we have discussed all the aspects that contribute to the success of an Airsoft shooter.

  1. Rifle 

To be a good Airsoft shooter, you must have a rifle according to the below needs:

  • Must have a range capable of approx. 50-60 meters.        
  • Ball output speed of 135 meters / second or more.        
  • It must be hard for the conditions it will undergo.        
  • You must be able to mount a telescopic sight and a bipod.       

  1. Ammunition

The weight of the balls is very important since they greatly affect accuracy. The optimal weight for a ball depends on the weapon used. Many of these rifles require balls ranging from 0.3 or 0.36 grams, but other models require much less weight. The ball must be heavy enough to 36 grams, but other models require much less weight. The ball must be heavy enough to:

  1. To bear the counter spin effect of the hop-up.   
  2. Not affected by natural conditions such as wind.

  3. Aim 

A good Airsoft shooter must have an excellent aim. He should be able to assume a position, aim, control breathing and pull the trigger.

  1. Body Position

A good Airsoft shooter must be able to assume a good position. It is the position in which the shooter is able to relax and concentrate while controlling the enemy targets.

  1. Support hand: A shooter uses his support hand to hold the rifle stock. The support hand should be placed near the tip of the corner. 
  2. Shooting hand: It must be located on the gun. The index fingers should apply pressure backward, to keep the rifle firmly attached to the shoulder. The thumb should be located above the top of the gun. The index finger must be on the trigger, but without touching the gun.
  3. Elbows: they must be in a comfortable position to provide support.        
  4. Support your bones: your bones are what provide stability and support to the rifle.        
  5. Muscle relaxation: you must be able to relax the muscles. Tense muscles will make you tremble, and will cause the subsequent movement of the weapon.
  6. Natural point of support: it is when the rifle rests naturally in a prone position. To find this point, the shooter must relax to the fullest (even closing his eyes and breathing deeply). When the shooter has succeeded, the rifle will be pointing towards this site naturally. The shooter must then adjust his body to the natural target.
  7. Fire position

A good Airsoft shooter must make use of all the artificial supports. The different types of fire positions are:

  1. Prone suspension: it is the most stable fire position. It should be used whenever possible. To carry it out, the shooter must lie down and rest his weapon on a stand.
  2. Position without prone support: this is a stable position highly recommended as well. Instead of using a bipod or other object to support his weapon, the shooter uses his support hand.
  3. Position without knee support: it can be carried out quickly and for short periods of time to open fire on weeds or other objects. 
  4. On knees with support of the belt holder: it is basically the same as the previous one, except that the belt holder is used as support. It should be held around the shoulder of the support hand.
  5. Standing with support: this is the last of the supported positions and should be avoided as much as possible. To adopt this position, the shooter must be behind horizontal support such as a tree. The shooter must rest the support hand against the support, and form a V with the thumb and the rest of the fingers. He must then support the weapon on this V, with the butt against his shoulder.
  6. Hawkins position: it can only be used when shooting down in a building, roof or hill. It’s basically the prone position.
  7. Breathing control

Pro tip from “Before shooting, you must have a normal pace of inspirations-expirations. When you are ready to shoot, take a deep breath and stop taking the air, to prevent the body from moving. It can be easily held for 10 seconds.”

  1. Trigger Control

The sniper must be able to shoot without moving the weapon. The index finger should be as low as possible on the trigger.

Final Verdict 

Thus, the key to become a good Airsoft Shooter involves body position, fire position, intelligence, patience, accuracy, and the type of rifle and ammunition. The shooter must find that position which offers him the maximum possible amount of accuracy. Apart from choosing a position, the shooter must use as much support as possible and prefer the prone position since it offers maximum accuracy. 

After firing a shot, the shooter must be able to perform another one, without moving or changing his position in any way, keeping his finger on the trigger and still looking through the telescopic sight.

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