How to buy a longboard for beginners

How to buy a longboard for beginners

What longboard should you get as a beginner? 

Well, that is going to be influenced by lots of different things. 

Depending on what is going to your riding style and which purpose the longboards will be used on, it will vary greatly. But in the end, all the excellent quality longboards share some common traits or features. These features can and will undoubtedly influence the shape, size, and width of your longboards wheel, deck, flex, and many different components. 

This is why you shouldn’t randomly get a longboard; instead, you need to consider all these necessary factors while purchasing a longboard. So, what to look for on a beginner’s longboard? Here is a detailed guide on picking the best longboard for beginners, whether you want to cruise around or perform tricks. 

How to buy a Cruiser Longboard for beginners

Most beginner longboard riders start with a cruiser longboard as their first longboard. These are longboards that are suitable for riding around the city and also long-distance travelling as well. 

Deck Mount style

If you intend to get a cruiser longboard as your first longboard, you need to get a longboard that is easy to push around. Because while cruising, you will be pushing the longboard, and having a hard to push longboard will only drain you out. So getting a drop-through deck will ensure getting the most roll-out of your pushing. 

Deck Size

As for the right board size, cruiser boards between 34 inches to 40 inches tend to provide maximum stability and movability. You should get a deck that comes with a larger wheelbase as it will be easy to maneuver while riding on urban streets.

Deck Flex

Any longboard with a little bit of flex is great for cruising; it makes it quite easy to push and move around. But it is recommended to avoid a longboard that comes with too much flex as it will make you vulnerable to lose balance while riding at high speed.


A beginner commuter longboard should not be more than 9 inches in width. This will ensure better responsiveness from the longboard, and it will be easier to cruise around the city. Trucks with a lower angle, like 45 degrees, tend to provide better stability on the open streets and reduce wobbles. On the other hand, while cruising on narrow streets, a twisty truck is more suitable as it allows the rider more maneuverability. 


Size: a large wheel will be better as it will require to spend less energy. Why? Well, a bigger wheel is much easier to get a faster roll and better speed. It will need much less push, as well. Anything between 70mm to 75mm is excellent for beginner cruising longboards.

Durometer:  Wheels with softness around 70A are great for cruising in the city as it provides better and more comfortable rolling over the rough terrains. You can go for more hardness for the wheels, but it won’t be comfortable riding on uneven roads and tracks.

How to buy Freestyle/dancing longboard for beginners

Contrary to the much easier and relaxed way of riding, freestyle longboarding is for those who want to try out different stunts like flipping or spinning. Although it might feel a bit daunting for beginners, it isn’t too hard to get started if you have the right longboard for freestyle beginners.

Deck Mount style

For performing tricks and stunts, a longboard with a drop-through mount is suitable as it provides better stability. Stability is quite crucial for freestyle longboard; otherwise, it won’t be easy to perform tricks. 


If you want to get a longboard for doing tricks, a larger deck is recommended. Because longer longboard decks tend to have less chance of shoe, it allows more room for your feet. So you can start from 40″ longboards as these tend to be quite useful for doing tricks. If you are looking specifically for longboards for dancing, you can comfortably go up as much as 45″. 


As for the width, you should get at least a longboard that comes with a 9″ to 10″ width. Having a wider longboard deck makes it easier for beginners to control and perform stunts. Narrower longboards will be quite hard to control and feel comfortable when you are just starting. You should also be eyeing for a more massive board. Having a longer and heavier board is better as it will ensure a smooth roll on the road, even on the streets where it is tough to control.


When it comes to flex, a freestyle longboard follows the same principle as the cruiser longboards. A little flex can be great for having better control over the board while performing the stunts. But having too much flex can make it harder to control the board, and it actually makes the board harder to balance on and gives up the comfort. 

But if you are going to do a longboard dance, you should get a longboard with a medium flex. A longboard with medium flex can be used for both dancing and also freestyle as well.


For freestyle and dancing longboard, you will need well-made trucks that are a bit loosened up but don’t give up stability. As for the baseplate angle, 50 degree allows the rider to have better maneuverability and balance.


A freestyle/dancing longboard is quite different from the cruising longboards when it comes to the wheels. Here you will need smaller wheels with a harder durometer for better traction and slide. So for a dancing or freestyle longboard, 60 mm wheels with a durometer of 80A can be a great choice. You can go a bit more width or durometer, but following this wheel configuration will ensure both the required stability and necessary traction for doing tricks or dancing. 

Final Words 

The thrill of trying out something entirely new can be quite captivating. Whether you want longboards to ride around the city or challenge your friends with cool new tricks, you need the right longboard. Following this guide will ensure that you have got the right longboard that has the required stability and sturdiness for any beginner longboard rider regardless of their riding style.

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