How to Ensure Your Kids Aren’t Playing Too Much Video Games

How to Ensure Your Kids Aren’t Playing Too Much Video Games

Technology has made our lives easier but also brought many problems like online scams, lack of privacy, and gaming addiction with it. Video games are a great way to pass the time and it shouldn’t be anything more than that. However, many people have made them a part of their everyday life. 

You can judge their popularity and excessive use from the fact that this industry generated $135 billion in 2018. Video games have particularly had a negative impact on children. They must be monitored to ensure they don’t spend too much time playing video games. Here I have shared why and how to stop them.

Why Stop Them?

  1. Health Problems

Spending too much time in front of the screen is said to disturb health, especially in kids. Research has shown that it also leads to sleep disorders and obesity.

  1. It’s a Disorder

The World Health Organization has recognized playing too much games as a disorder, and it’s a diagnosable condition. 

  1. Antisocial Behavior

Kids who spend too much time playing video games lack confidence and communication skills, which lead to antisocial behavior. 

  1. Lack of Interest in Real World

Video games addiction makes kids dislike the real world. They won’t pay attention to studies, social gathering, life ambitions, and other similar activities. Make sure you follow these tips to stop such habits from developing. 

Set a Playing Time Table

Set a time table for kids in which you can specify every activity. There should be a time for homework, time to watch TV, play outside, and use computer. Make all necessary tasks like homework essential and give them the option how they choose their leisure time. In this schedule, limit the time they are allowed to spend in front of the screen or play video games. This will also make them more punctual and improve their management skills.

Use Parental Controls on Their Computer

If you think that the time table is not a good idea or your kids won’t follow it, you can use the computer’s parental system to control their activities on it. You can set a password that only you know and set a shutdown time of the computer – this way only you can open it. You can also limit the content they can view or use on the computer with the parental control system of the Windows or Mac operating system. 

Install a Tracking App in Mobile Phones 

Video games are played more on mobile phones than computer devices. Password system doesn’t work on mobiles because they have become a necessity. It’s used frequently and has many purposes other than just gaming. You should talk to your kids about how they should play games for only a short period of time. Install a tracking app to monitor their activities and ensure they are following your instructions.

Encourage Physical Activities

Don’t let your kids get lazy sitting home all the time. Encourage them to go out, play with friends, choose a sport, and adopt hobbies. Once they get used to these physical activities, they won’t spend as much time playing video games. It will also keep them mentally and physically healthy.

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