How to Get Paintball Gear as a Beginner

How to Get Paintball Gear as a Beginner

If you are interested in paintball games and do not where to start, you are at the right place. The first thing you need to do is an online search on “how to get into paintballing” so you can find a nearby field. There you can rent equipment to get an idea about the sport and how it is played.

Do your homework beforehand so you know what to expect instead of showing up on the field confused. Next, you should join a community near you to understand the tactics and strategies needed for a great player. Do not invest in buying the equipment unless you are sure about what to buy.

Basic Paintball Equipment to Get Into Paintballing

Being part of a paintball team is a great feeling as it gives a sense of belonging along with gunplay, tactics, and exercise. Paintball gear for beginners may seem pricy but you do not need to wear what the professionals wear. To start with, you need basic gear that does the job just fine. As your paintball game progress, you can invest in better gear. The following are the basic paintball equipment you must consider if you are a beginner.

1.Paintball Mask

When buying a paintball mask, make sure that you try to buy it at your local store. Making this purchase online could lead to disappointment. Look for a mask that will adjust to the shape of your head. A paintball mask goes through a rigorous process when it is made. Any mask available for sale in the market will give you adequate protection so all you need is to look for the right fit.

  • Mask Profiles

Paintball masks come in three profiles: small, medium, and large. This profile shows the width of the lens on the headgear. Smaller ones have a small lens so you only see the front, which is perfect for indoor games. Medium and large profiles have a wider lens that allows you to see the sides too. These profiles are great for outdoor games. However, all three types of profiles will cover your entire face while a strap alone will cover the back of your head.

  • Trying on a Mask

The best way to choose a paintball mask is to get in touch with a friend who already plays or look for testimonials online. Try out the mask at your local paintball gear store and when you put it on; make sure it fits just right. The best way to make it fit is to adjust the strap on your head to ensure that it is neither large nor too small.

  • High-Quality Lens

When you try on the mask, make sure that the lens is made of good quality that gives you a clear vision. A cheaper lens gets foggy when you breathe while it is on. This will compromise your vision and probably get you out of the game.

2.Buying a Paintball Gun

As for masks, you should consider buying a paintball gun at your local store. Unless you hold the gun and try shooting, you cannot get an idea about it works. Make a well-informed decision when making this purchase since it will last you a long time. You can find efficient, high-quality, and simple paintball guns at local supermarkets. However, you will not be allowed to try the shooting when buying at supermarkets.

If you choose to make the purchase at specialized paintball stores, you can try shooting there as well. The store manager will be able to help you choose since they specialize in paintball accessories. Although, the guns you buy at these stores will be priced higher than in the supermarkets. Since you are a beginner, they will give you a good recommendation about which gun to buy.

As a beginner, make sure that you do not invest in a high-tech gun. Go for a simple gun that costs around $25 to $90. If you choose an even lower-priced gun, it is likely to jam during a game. Choose a mechanical paintball gun since it is easy to maintain and less likely to recoil. The weight of these guns is also light to ensure comfort while running and shooting.

3.Paintball Hopper & Barrel

When you buy a paintball gun at a specialized store, the store manager or representative will suggest a good barrel and hopper as well. The weight of these two determines how much your paintball gun will weigh when you hold it. Ideally, the weight of the gun should be enough for you to hold comfortably.

4.Buying Paintball

You will be using paintballs a lot during your matches so always buy these in bulk. Make sure that you buy these in large quantity so you do not run out of these during a match. If you buy a bigger pack of paintballs, it will cost you cheaper. Make sure that you store these in a cool and dry place so they do not get spoiled.

5.Layers for Paintballing

Make sure that you wear appropriate clothing when you go to a match. Cover as much of your skin as possible and wear a vest underneath your shirt. This will ensure that your chest does not get hurt when a ball hits you. The paint in the balls can sometimes cause skin irritation so wear gloves and socks at all times.

Inner clothes are also essential for a comfortable game. The mask will cover your face while a helmet can give optimum protection for your head. You do not need to invest in these gears as a beginner but simply rent it out to get started. If you have a friend who is a paintball player, ask him or her to lend the gear to you. Do not be shy to try these things on.

Once you understand your game style and get better at it, consider buying your own gear and accessories. Make sure that once you get better, you have your own paintballing things, so you do not need to ask someone else every time.

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