Key dates for 2024 NBA season

Key dates for 2024 NBA season

The 2023-24 NBA season promises to be an exciting journey filled with remarkable talent, global outreach, and competitive spirit. As we gear up for another thrilling year of basketball, let’s delve into the key dates and events that will shape this season.

Overview of the 2023-24 NBA Season

Preseason and Early Season Highlights

The 2023-24 NBA season kicks off with the NBA G League Draft on October 28, 2023, followed by the G League Training Camp from October 30 to November 9. This period is crucial for scouting new talent and preparing teams for the upcoming challenges. Adding excitement to the early season, the NBA In-Season Tournament begins on November 3, showcasing competitive matchups. The NBA G League officially starts its season on November 10, setting the stage for emerging stars to showcase their skills.

International Games and Special Events

The NBA continues to expand its global presence with two high-profile international games. On November 9, the Atlanta Hawks and the Orlando Magic will face off in the NBA Mexico City Game, bringing the thrill of NBA basketball to Mexico. Later in the season, on January 11, 2024, the Brooklyn Nets and the Cleveland Cavaliers will travel to Paris, France, for the NBA Paris Game. These international games not only entertain global fans but also strengthen the NBA’s international ties

Mid-Season Activities

Key Contract Dates

As the season progresses, January 5, 2024, marks an important date for teams looking to bolster their rosters, as 10-day contracts can now be signed. This allows teams to temporarily acquire players to address immediate needs or to evaluate potential talent. By January 10, all NBA contracts are guaranteed for the remainder of the season, solidifying the rosters and providing security for the players.

NBA Rivals Week and Trade Deadline

The excitement intensifies during the NBA Rivals Week scheduled from January 23 to January 27, 2024. This week features matchups between long-standing rivals, adding an extra layer of intensity and competition to the season. As teams adjust their strategies and rosters, the NBA Trade Deadline looms on February 8. This deadline, set at 3 p.m. ET, is the final opportunity for teams to trade players for the season, often leading to last-minute deals that can significantly alter the league’s landscape.

NBA All-Star 2024


All-Star Game and Break

The NBA All-Star 2024, set to occur in Indianapolis, IN, from February 16-18, 2024, is a major event attracting fans from around the globe. As a central gathering of the league’s most exceptional talents, it’s a fantastic opportunity to witness top-tier basketball skills and teamwork. For those seeking to experience this event live, finding cheap NBA tickets can be a priority. Platforms like Koobit offer a convenient solution, allowing fans to compare ticket prices easily. The NBA All-Star break, extending from February 16-21, gives players and teams a well-deserved rest.

Road to the Playoffs

Closing Stages of the Regular Season

As the regular season draws to a close, teams intensify their efforts to secure a spot in the playoffs. The Playoff Eligibility Waiver Deadline on March 1 marks a critical point for teams to finalize their rosters. The regular season ends on April 14, concluding the long and grueling journey of the regular games, setting the stage for the postseason battles.

G League and NBA Play-In Tournament

In the G League, the regular season concludes on March 30, with the playoffs commencing on April 2. This sets the stage for G League players to demonstrate their skills and possibly earn a call-up to the NBA. The NBA Play-In Tournament, occurring from April 16-19, offers a final chance for teams on the cusp of playoff contention to secure a spot in the postseason, adding an extra layer of excitement and competition to the end of the season.

NBA Playoffs and Finals

Playoffs and Conference Semifinals

The NBA Playoffs 2024 begin on April 20, marking the start of the most intense and competitive phase of the season. Teams that have battled through the regular season face off in a series of elimination games, each vying for the coveted championship title. The Conference Semifinals, set to begin potentially on May 6-7 (with a possible move up to May 4-5), will see the remaining teams compete in a higher stakes environment, each step bringing them closer to the ultimate goal.

The Climax – NBA Finals 2024

The pinnacle of the NBA season, the NBA Finals 2024, commences with Game 1 on June 6. The Finals follow a seven-game series format, with subsequent games scheduled for June 9, 12, 14, and if necessary, June 17, 20, and 23. These games represent the culmination of a year’s hard work, determination, and skill, as the two best teams in the league face off for the championship. The NBA Finals not only crown the champions but also celebrate the spirit and excellence of basketball.

Post-Season and Draft Preparations


NBA Draft Lottery and Combine

The post-season activities shift focus towards the future of NBA teams with the NBA Draft Lottery 2024, scheduled for May 12. This event determines the order of selection for the teams that did not make the playoffs. Following the lottery, the NBA Combine, taking place from May 13-19 in Chicago, IL, offers prospects the chance to showcase their abilities through a series of athletic tests, interviews, and scrimmages, giving NBA teams valuable insights into the potential draftees.

NBA Draft 2024

The NBA Draft 2024, set for June 27, is a pivotal day for teams to build their future roster. This event allows teams to select new talent from a pool of young athletes from around the world. The preparations for the draft involve extensive scouting, player evaluations, and strategic planning. Draft day is not just about selecting players; it’s about making decisions that could shape the franchises for years to come. The deadline for early entry candidates to withdraw is June 17 at 5 p.m. ET, finalizing the list of players eligible for the draft.

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