Manchester United’s Legend Wayne Rooney – All You Need To Know About His Best Seasons

Manchester United’s Legend Wayne Rooney – All You Need To Know About His Best Seasons

Manchester United has been and will always be the place where legends are born. This club has its history, tradition, faith, and pride. Wayne Rooney was one of the legends who remarked his name in the club’s history with his unconditional sacrifice and massive contribution. But what made a legend like Wayne Rooney? 

This article will show you the best seasons of Wayne Rooney when he was playing in the “Theatre of Dreams”. And you will agree with the last one!

Wayne Rooney’s career in Manchester United

Joined Man Utd from Everton in 2004, Rooney was said to be the youngest most valuable footballer in England in the past 30 years (by Sir Alex Ferguson). And he did his best!

He scored a hattrick in a debut match against Fenerbahçe in UEFA Champions League. He also scored a fantastic goal in a game against Arsenal, which partially stopped the consecutive 49 unbeatable matches of the “Gunner” in that season. 

Although the following two seasons didn’t give this man a Premier League title, he got an award PFA Young Player of the Year (2004-2005). Rooney also won the first Carling Cup with Man Utd in 2006 after beating Wigan Athletic and became “Man of the Match” in the final. It was not until 2007 when Rooney got the first Premier League in his career. 

Rooney was always considered as a “silent hero” of the Red Devils. He used to play and support for Ruud Van Nistelrooy in the early years for Man Utd. When the Dutchman left to Real Madrid, he turned to support superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and played as an attacking midfielder. 

It was not until 2009 when Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid that Rooney determined to be a key striker for the Red Devils. Season 2009-2010 was also one of the best seasons in his career for Man Utd.

Wayne Rooney was a hot-headed and had a passionate heart. He was always fighting for the win of the club no matter how much it cost. He had a tough playing style and was not afraid to get contacted. Though his height was not impressive, he was powerful, fast, aggressive, and brutal.

Rooney could do everything on the ground – attacking, defending, tackling, and competing. And importantly, he scored! He had a sense of a score hunter and knew the right time to explode the audience with incredible goals.

With the Red Devils, Rooney had won five Premier League titles, three Carling Cups, one Champions League, one Europa League, and one FA Cup. He also got personal awards during these successful years in Man Utd: PFA Young Player of the Year, PFA Player of the Year, Month; England Player of the Year; Sir Matt Busby’s award, etc.

Now, let’s overview the most successful and unforgettable seasons of Wayne Rooney for the owner of Old Trafford.

#3. Season 2006-2007

Coated a new-number shirt (number 10), Rooney did not disappoint Sir Alex Ferguson and fans. He started flourishing and played excellently alongside with new star Cristiano Ronaldo. They all together contribute to the Premier League title of Manchester United, and this was also the first major national league title for Wayne Rooney.

However, Rooney did not play consecutively in the early season as he was fined and forbid to play three matches by FA. After that, Rooney was back to a stable and scoring form with a hattrick against Bolton.

He appeared in total 55 matches and scored 23 goals for MU in this season. In Premier League specifically, Rooney had 35 appearances and 14 goals, which was an impressive number for an attacking midfielder forward. Remember that he played behind the centre forward, while he also came back to join the defending and challenge for the ball.

In Champions League season 2006-2007, Rooney could help MU advance to the semi-final when they got beaten by AC Milan – the Champions. However, this season was among the best ones for Rooney as he eventually got the Premier League title after four years of waiting.

#2 Season 2010-2011

This might be the most unforgettable season of Wayne Rooney when things, trouble, and success happened to him at the same time. In the early season, Sir Alex Ferguson announced that Rooney wanted to leave the club due to ankle injury, while the English striker denied that statement. The conflict between Rooney and the former manager became more serious. 

However, the number-10 striker eventually signed a 5-year contract with Man Utd and started the journey to the Premier League title. Though he did not play well in the first matches, he knew how to score in the big ones. 

The incredible bicycle-kick overhead of Rooney in the derby match against Manchester City has become iconic since then. This goal was shown on TV, advertisement, pre-game complimentary, etc., again and again during the following seasons. The goal was simply perfect. Man Utd won the 19th Premier League title. 

Rooney played 34 matches in Premier League, contributed 27 goals, which was the highest goals of him over 13 years serving for Man Utd. 

#1. Season 2009-2010

The departure of Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez left a huge space behind, which put the scoring pressure onto the shoulders of Rooney. Nevertheless, he did the best he could. 

Rooney was the main key in some significant matches against Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool in Premier League. Meanwhile, he showed the ability of a captain when leading MU advance to the quarter-final, and the Red Devils only stopped after the match with Bayern Munich. 

Rooney gave everything in this season as he knew he was the only hope on the attack line. Of course, teammates around could support him well, but no one got the sense of a scoring hunter like him. The “Shrek” got 26 goals in just 34 matches Premier League and the goal number only stood behind Didier Drogba’s (Chelsea).

Due to the high intensity of work, Rooney got an ankle injury in the most crucial period of the season. MU was competing for the first standing on Premier League table, while they were also in the quarter-final against a top club – Bayern Munich. However, Rooney got rewarded as “PFA Player of the Year”, “FWA Player of the Year”, and “Barclays Player of the Year” for his devoted contribution.

Rooney impressive form in season 2009-2010. Source

In conclusion

Wayne Rooney had spent the most flourish years for Manchester United. Thirteen years serving for the biggest club in the world made him a true legend beside Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes. Above are the best seasons he had in Man Utd and might be the most unforgettable in his career.

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