Top 5 Reasons Why Fat Tyre Bikes are a must to have

Top 5 Reasons Why Fat Tyre Bikes are a must to have

There have been contrasting opinions pertaining to Fat Tyre Bikes pertaining to whether these bikes are just a fad or they are here to stay. With the first launched in the early 1900s, these bikes have come a long way with better features and efficiency. Generally speaking, the fat tyres for these bikes have a minimum width of 3.8 inches, sometimes exceeding up to 5 inches. Isn’t that amazing? The fat tyres offer great support in terms of greater grip and balance which make these bikes a perfect choice for beginners. If you are a beginner with an adventurous soul and indecisive about investing in fat tyre bikes, this article will help you explore why fat tyre bikes are a must to have.

  1. Rough and Tough

A tough ride does not necessarily have to be a rough one. With fat tyre bikes, you can open your adventure wings to climb rough terrains or mountains and even ride on the snow with less stress on your muscles. That’s correct! With some great traction that these bikes offer, they cover a great surface area with greater contact with the ground which makes them absorb a  great deal of vibration, provide a better grip and subsequently offer a smoother ride than a normal bike. The fat tyres make you float rather than digging you in when you ride on difficult terrains like snow, muddy patches or just plain sand. The good news is that you do not have to inflate the tyres so much as fat tyres provide a high degree of comfort with lower tyre pressure. The pressure can go down to 10 to 15psi and you will still be good. 

So if you’re a person who loves to trek in some tough terrains, give your feet some rest and pull up the gears of your fat tyre bike! 

  1. Punctures, almost none!

With a wide tyre fixed in almost a 3-inch rim, it is almost a struggle for pointy and sharp things to make their way through. That is why fat tyre have a greater immunity towards punctures than a normal bike. If you’re a beginner and have no expertise to handle different kinds of bumpy terrains, then you can save the struggle of fixing the punctures by just going tubeless. Tubeless tyres have almost zero percent chances of getting punctures since their potential to absorb shocks is phenomenal. 

You will reach your destination before time without having to spare extra minutes to fix the punctures or drag the bike to tug it to the nearest spot.

  1. High impact training, all year round

Fat tyre bikes are a great investment if you’re looking to stay in shape, all year round. While you’re rolling the high-resistance pedals, heavier tyres, gears and frame, you are building up your muscular endurance. The cherry on the cake is, you do not have to confine yourself indoors in extreme weather conditions like heavy snow or a windy day. The fat tyre bike is robust enough to be on the roughest kind of weather and that is primarily what makes them so popular.

Hence, with fat tyre bikes you are likely to burn more calories than putting on pounds in winters during hibernation. 

  1. Less maintenance

No one likes to spend extra bucks on maintenance. It is an unplanned hit on the pocket and surges the cost of owning a vehicle. This is not the case with a fat tyre bike. This simply designed bike with no frills is actually a great investment as there is hardly any need to invest in upkeep or fixing the delicate parts. The robust frame of the bike eradicates the need for regular damages and subsequent need for replacement. 

Isn’t it a great investment, after all?

  1. Fun and Safety

You can even beach ride. This is something you cannot expect from a normal bike. Thanks to its better suspension that offers the ability to handle rugged terrains including sand dunes whilst being safe, particularly for beginners. If you’re a snow lover, you can just be on wheels with your fat tyre bike and enjoy the weather outside at a soothing and relatively slow pace. Often, what adventurers love the most about these bikes is it’s a dynamism to let you explore the most adventurous spot while letting you enjoy the scenic beauty. The sturdy look and feel of these fat tyre bikes make it a must-to-have especially as a way to socialize. Since these bikes have a slower pace, they have a  unique competition that particularly targets those who ride a fat tyre bike only. It is a great way to socialize with fellow bikers and get some tips from them. Globally, fat bikes events are hosted to bring together fat bike enthusiasts to challenge each other. The United Kingdom (UK) and the USA particularly host numerous of these events among many other countries. Such events pose an ideal opportunity for fat bike riders to not only come and flaunt their talent but also socialize.


If you are a beginner and have a passion to ride a fat tyre bike, do not think twice. It is one of the safest bikes you can start your cycling with. They will not only give you a smooth ride but also fulfil your adventurous streak by taking you to places that are not possible to ride to with normal bikes. With low maintenance costs and a robust suspension, you do not have to worry about the bike’s grip and balance. Last but not the least, riding it will give you a good work out, particularly building up your muscle endurance. So, get rid of your indoor workout plan at the gym and build up your core with the trendy bikes.

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