10 Pickleball Tips to Quickly Improve Your Game

10 Pickleball Tips to Quickly Improve Your Game

Looking for pickleball tips to quickly improve your game? You have come to the right place. I am not a pickleball fanatic myself but I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks about the game for many years now. That’s why I decided to share with you the tips to help you take your pickleball game to the next level.

So before you buy your pickleball paddles take a sit and learn these helpful tips that could give your pickleball gaming experience a huge boost.

The internet is awash with incredible tips and detailed tutorials for every level, whether you are a beginner or an advanced pickleball player. YouTube, being the largest online video sharing platform has amazing videos that offer a great way to learn from the experts by watching how they play on the court.

I have also shared plenty of in-depth guides to pickleball in other platforms but these tips are specifically meant to help you understand how to quickly improve your game in the easiest way possible.

So without much ado, let’s get rolling.

Be Ready Always

Before you get into the court or start playing pickleball, examine how you stand. Ensure you are flatfooted, you have your paddle at the right side and your feet are in the best position you can swiftly make a shot.

Most players lose it because they relax between shots which make them be caught unaware. Always stay alert so you can make the next shot fast. Expert have share advises on the best ready position when playing but when starting, you need to avoid getting confused and make sure you are in a position you can make the next shot swiftly.


  • Keep your knees in a slightly bent position and feet shoulder apart
  • Your upper body and shoulders should be relaxed
  • The pickleball paddle should always be out in front of your body pointing up

Well, these are just a few ready positions when playing pickleball.

But most importantly, concentrate on training yourself so that you can get used to move swiftly for the next shot and get back into a ready position for the next shot again.

Avoiding Scooting up When You Serve or Return Serve

Well, this might seem difficult even to the most seasoned pickleball players out there. However, scooting up before you server can make your opponent get you off guard.Keep in mind that there is the double bounce rule you must observe so you cannot serve the third shot.

Play With Better Players

I am made to understand that the reason why we are taught by experienced teachers is thatthey are better than us. Equally, in pickleball, playing with people who are better than you are can help to improve your game. Well, of course, you will lose and that’s a fact, but yourpriority is to learn how they beat you so don’t worry about losing. That way, you will understand your weaknesses better and hence learn how to improve.

Change Your Pickleball Paddle

Sometimes it’s the weapon you use that makes your opponent win against you!

You might have got used to a paddle that is not up to the game or one that does not give you the best performance. Usually, paddles sold for less than $30 may not give you the best performance so you may consider upgrading to a better one.

Serve Deep.

Serving deep is one of the most important things I would encourage you to focus on with your serve. When you serve deep, you push your rival away from the kitchen which gives them a hard time to return serve since they are far away.

Train Hard, Play Smarter

When training, you can do it as hard as you can but while playing, ensure to do it smartly. Sometimes people think that running and sweating is playing better but that’s not true. Just ensure to slow down and think, know where the ball will go and block your opponent from finding opportunities.

Interact With Professional Players

As mentioned above that to improve your pickleball game you must play with people who are more qualified than you, ensure to network with as plenty of experienced players as you can.

Accept Criticism

It’s normal, some people will accept and deal with criticism but some will not. However, accepting criticism is one of the huge steps you can take in learning the pickleball game. You must be ready to admit in case mistakes you’ve made are pointed out. They are nottelling you that you aren’t the best player but they are helping you to improve to become the best.

Attend Clinics

Attending clinics put by pickleball teachers is also another best way to quickly improve your game. There, you can learn the game properly and meet new players you can network with.

Read More, and Practice More

The internet is full of content related to the pickleball game. Ensure to consume as much content as you can that will help you improve your game. Use YouTube videos to learn how to play the game and apply the tips and tricks you learn when you go to the courts.

I hope these ten pickleball tips to quickly improve your game helped you, and thank you for reading this article.

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