How to Prepare For Participation in Extreme Sports

How to Prepare For Participation in Extreme Sports

It doesn’t matter if you’re attempting to climb a mountain, ride the waves at a famous surfing spot, or plan a snowboarding trip with your friends, you will need to be both mentally and physically fit.

Before you head off on your adventure, you must aim to improve your muscular strength, focus, and endurance, or you could give up halfway through the challenge. To ensure you experience that sought-after adrenaline rush, read the below advice on how to prepare for extreme sports.

Strengthen Your Muscles

Many extreme sports require a considerable amount of strength, which is why you should work on your muscles many months before any big challenge. For example, to avoid muscular pain or exhaustion after a fun day of snowboarding, you should perform various leg exercises each day, such as:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Jumping squats
  • Single leg deadlifts
  • Side planks

Other activities that can strengthen your muscles could include yoga, jogging, cycling, and hill walking. If you take the time to strengthen your muscles and stretch regularly, you will be less likely to experience an injury when participating in an extreme sport.

Improve Your Mental Sharpness

An extreme sport, such as snowboarding or climbing, will not only push you physically, but it will also test you mentally. To complete a challenge, you will need to possess a great deal of focus and courage to overcome your fears and thrive in a harsh environment.

For this reason, you must enter the right mindset before a big sporting adventure, so you’re mentally prepared to compete at a high level. The rise of mind sports has resulted in many thrill-seekers playing the likes of chess or poker prior to a grueling physical challenge. That’s because the mental part of any sport is equally, or even more crucial than the physical preparation.

For example, a study found that chess experts often use the left and right hemispheres of the brain at the same time, which can lead to brain growth and helps them to perform at a higher level. It could, therefore, be an ideal game to play before an extreme sport.

Adopt a Healthy Diet

While mental and physical strength is essential when engaging in an extreme sport, nutrition can also determine your performance. To increase your energy levels and recover from a challenge at a faster rate, you must consume protein both before and after an activity. It is, however, important to choose the right protein sources to support muscle repair, such as:

  • Fish
  • Whey protein
  • Full-fat cottage cheese

Also, consuming healthy carbohydrates can lead to a spike in your insulin levels, which will ensure amino acids enter your muscles. Add vegetables, nuts, and legumes onto your plate to restore your tissues after exercise or following an extreme sport.

So, if you want to complete an extreme sport with ease, you should follow the above top tips.

Sean Lockwood

Sean is a programmer with a passion for extreme sports. Favourite extreme sports discipline is biathlon. Started this blog because of the great love for nature and adrenaline which results in something extreme like Extreme Sports Lab (ESL).

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