5 Must-have Products if you are a Sportswomen

5 Must-have Products if you are a Sportswomen

Being a woman doesn’t mean you are entitled to household activities only. You should follow your passion, explore the world, and accomplish your dreams along with playing sports. Physical activity is as important as eating a healthy diet. 

Sports should be an integral part of your lives. It makes you fit, keeps you away from many health problems, relieves stress and improves the immune system. A sportswoman of today takes part in every sport a man does and can perform with more effect if she has access to some of the related products.

Here are 5 compulsory products that that will surely uplift her training and exercise efficiency. 

Athletic legwear

Have you ever seen professional runners, cyclists or gymnasts wearing loose trousers on tracks? No, because it’s stupid. Each and every millisecond count for them and baggy legwear invites air resistance which is “death” to them. 

An athletic legwear characterized by skintight trousers and close-fitting shorts is crucial for aerodynamics because it helps in making the body streamlined and thus allows for more pace and acceleration.  According to a study, tight-fitting racing clothing reduces drag by 8-30% in cycling and 7-10% in skating. 

Another research confirmed through wind tunnel tests that lowering the air resistance only by 2% saves 0.01 sec in a 100-m dash and 5.7 sec in the marathon. There is plenty of other scientific proof on it. 

Hence, if you are looking to excel in your fitness and stamina levels, you must immediately purchase suitable legwear. It’s not that expensive and is readily available on online stores and brand outlets.

Sports cap

Let’s get you answering again; have you seen long-haired women golfers or tennis players wearing standard 6 BB cap? The answer is ‘no’ again because how would they arrange their hair then. Sun visor caps and ponytail hats are what they generally wear and what you should too.

These caps have an opening through which you can support your high ponytails or high buns. Bid farewell to flying hair making way into your mouth each time you play a shot in the tennis match. These caps have effectively answered the old female question of how to “sport-style” your hair while wearing a cap.

They come in various colors, configurations and can be matched with any of your sports outfits.  

An activity tracker

Why keep technology away from sports when every other field is benefitting from it! Wearable activity trackers have made the lives of sportswomen especially those involved with track and field sports, so much easy. 

It keeps track of your pulse rate, the number of steps, speed, fatigue index, dynamic stress load, workout stain, VO2 levels and directs you towards tens of exercise and fitness regimes. Being lightweight, water-resistant, accurate and carrier of long battery life has made this gadget rule the sports industry for the last 5-7 years. 

An activity tracker keeps you informed about your previous records that inspire you to beat them and become a better athlete. Skill is one thing for being the top sportsmen, fitness is another with both being necessary for each other. 

Hydration bottle

Sportswomen should never get dehydrated during their training and a hydration bottle makes sure of that! This is not a standard water bottle that simply holds your liquid but is an effectual gadget specifically made for sportspeople around the globe.

A hydration bottle is lined with insulation which maintains the temperature of your liquid, is it cold or warm. It is made of durable and BPA-free plastic, contains features like daily water intake tracker, easy-to-drink and no-spill drinking nozzle, icecube-holding lid and plenty other. 

You can carry it around in your backpack because it is lightweight and not very large, it can be attached with the straps of your pants while you are climbing or walking and comes in different volumes.

If you are more tech-driven, the smart bottle is also an option. This upbeat solution involves sensors that track your daily water intake and keeps you informed if you have not consumed water suitably. 

The bottle predicts your optimum hydration limits according to the fitness level, age and weight, and trigger alarms if you are behind that limit. 


The shoe rests in your feet but it can help you earn crowns! 

Had they not been significant, Nike, Addidas, and Reebok wouldn’t be introducing new designs every other month. The correct sports shoe will embark you on a journey of perfection. 

A sports shoe is designed to keep you at ease while you run, manages your balance, minimizes impact forces and reduces injuries. It elevates your performance and increases your chances of beating your previous best.

Health sciences have also asserted on the need to wear suitable shoes for female athletes concerned with any sport because women are more likely to encounter running injuries on part of low muscle mass, loose ligaments and wider pelvis which affects the alignment of knees and ankles. Shoes hold a large share in correcting your posture and shielding against running problems like fractures, ankle twists and shin splints.

Associate yourself with these helpful products and soon you will see for yourself, the impact it casts over your performance, fitness, and agility. Being sportswomen is a bold step, do everything to make it count.

Sean Lockwood

Sean is a programmer with a passion for extreme sports. Favourite extreme sports discipline is biathlon. Started this blog because of the great love for nature and adrenaline which results in something extreme like Extreme Sports Lab (ESL).

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