Push Your Limits With Endurance Mountain Bike Racing

Push Your Limits With Endurance Mountain Bike Racing

Traveling, adventure, adrenaline rush, exploring are all that an explorer seeks. Ask them the reason behind it; they will tell you about the peace that they find. Traveling is overrated, but for the wrong reasons. A traveler seeks peace, cleansing of the soul, and a break from the busy city life. It is almost like a road that is less traveled. To others, a traveler might come across as a hippie; but he is living his life; he believes in Carpe Diem.

An adventure seeker can seek the adrenaline rush in various forms, like scuba diving, bungee jumping, and even mountain biking. Mountain bike race is something which explorers often opt for to quench their thirst for a soulful experience.

Unlike other adventure sports activities, mountain bike racing requires some experience and fitness. It is a high adrenaline sport often sought after by adventurers who wish to take the adventure a notch up.

What exactly is this mountain biking?

It refers to riding your bike but, the catch is, not on simple roads. You ride your cycle on unforgiving roads, hills, and rough terrain. For a random person, even watching it would be scary. But every year, thousands of adrenaline seekers participate in the mountain bike race. Mountain biking requires high stamina, fitness, and a good sense of balance. These are something that you can work on to expand your limits. This push will help you to have a better experience of the sport. And it will also keep you safe and manage the probable danger.

There are ways to up your game and push your limits. This sport will require you to have control over your body. You will need to have the bike under your control; it is a test of your stamina and endurance.

How can you push your limits?

  1. Exercise: Cardio exercise would be a good option for you. It enables your muscles; it increases your stamina; it teaches you to control your breathing; it pushes your muscles; it will help you to tighten your core muscles. In mountain biking, you will have to make the bike an extended part of your body. That way, the bike will be in your control and easy to guide through the rocky terrain.
  2. Nutrition: To build endurance, you will have to keep on feeding yourself. The theory behind this is when you push the body to build endurance it doesn’t have much time to recover. So the trick is to keep your body well fed. You need to eat before you get hungry. Don’t keep your stomach waiting. Your meal should have enough carbs, protein, and a little dairy. Remember that you will be burning your fat, so you need that extra energy. Keep yourself well hydrated. The continuous sweat will sabotage your goal of expanding your endurance limit. The next ingredient that you need to include in your diet is sodium. The continuous sweat will flush out the sodium from your body. Hence, a sodium-rich diet is advisable.
  3. Pieces of equipment: Mountain biking is a sport. The equipment, that you choose to carry with you is of utmost importance. Buying the gear and parts are not difficult. You can easily find the parts online. It’s easy to surf and buy. Biking is a sport that will require you be comfortable while you are at it. The brakes have to be in your control. Try riding the bike on a normal terrain; get a good understanding of the brake’s capacity. You need to master your uphill cycling skills. When you are on that bike, you have to be in control. Comfort and control should be your priority. You wouldn’t want your butt to be sore, so chose a bike with good suspension. Your hands need to have a good grip on the handles; opting for a good pair of gloves would, definitely, benefit you.

You need to have proper gear like a protective helmet, glasses to beat the wind, and so on. To carry all the stuff comfortably, consider installing Subaru Forester roof racks on your vehicle as they are reliable and sturdy.

When you pack your gear throw in a small first aid kit. One can never be too careful. Safety is first no matter what.

Endurance mountain bike racing has got a lot to do with a determined mind. For this extreme sport, you need stamina, determination, and the spirit to push beyond your limit. Racing with a partner is easy. It helps you to have some communication. The long hours can get the better of you.

Mountain biking enables you to feel the air. The right speed will make you fly (figuratively). You want the speed, the high jumps, and the bunny-hops. The ultimate goal is to enjoy and live every second of it. You need to flow with the ride. Relaxing while riding your bike should be your priority. Stand and enjoy the rocky bumps. Maintain the momentum. Maintaining momentum on a rocky terrain can be hard. Practice it first on a slope-like road before you go for the real race. Ride the bike, explore the landscape, and control that untamed terrain on your mountain bike.

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Sean is a programmer with a passion for extreme sports. Favourite extreme sports discipline is biathlon. Started this blog because of the great love for nature and adrenaline which results in something extreme like Extreme Sports Lab (ESL).

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