14 Skydiving Tips to Keep Your Confidence Gliding High like a Pro

14 Skydiving Tips to Keep Your Confidence Gliding High like a Pro

Three, Two, One …. And you are good to go! Skydiving triggers one hell of an adrenaline rush. However, the scenario might be a bit different for the tandem divers. They are often anxious, panicky and perplexed for a lot of reasons. What if the parachute doesn’t work on time? What if I pass out? What if I end up deviating from the drop zone?

According to the United States Parachuting Association, there’re an estimated three million jumps each year with the fatality count of only 21. It is said that there’s a 0.0007% chance of dying from skydive, compared to a 0.0167% chance of fatalities occurring due to car accidents. So, there’s no need for you to go bonkers with anxiety.

The notion of fatality associated with skydiving is common among people. That doesn’t stop them from experiencing this one of a kind sport either. Now that you too are gearing up for the big game with mild inhibitions, here are the 14 critical skydiving tips that can boost your confidence like a pro.

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  1. Mentally prepare yourself for the big jump

You got to prepare yourself for the activity. Many of us think skydiving is easy, while some of us find it scary and challenging. Regardless of your personal opinion, you need to be prepared for the jump. You never know how you will feel unless you are trying things out on your own.

You might panic like a kid, only to realize that the things you were worried about didn’t happen in the first place, and you had a great flight with a safe landing. Thus, the idea is to keep inhibitions away, embrace positivity, and allow your body and soul to delve into the unknown and conquer the sky like a boss.

  1. Maintain a balanced diet before skydiving

“Diet” is one essential term when it comes to skydiving. Extremities can cause trouble for you. Neither gorge on heavy breakfast; nor keep an empty stomach before the dive. While heavy diets may cause the blood supply to swirl around your abdomen, an empty stomach may bring an adverse impact on nutrition and energy. Thus, it is always better to consume balanced food; preferably a glass of smoothie, packaged fruit juice, a few biscuits or the likes.

  1. Be choosy with the shoes you wear

Don’t even think of putting on a pair of casual sneakers for the jump. Consider wearing a pair of comfortable, tight lacing sports shoes. Loosely held shoes might not go well with the flight as the wind may cause trouble by grabbing them right off your feet. Thus, it is suggested to know your gears, double-check the quality and lace it properly before venturing out.

  1. Choose to wear loose-fitting clothes

When it comes to apparels, consider wearing loose fitting clothes and stay comfortable during the flight. Even though the skydiving agency will provide you with jumpsuits that cover your body, wearing loose-fitting clothes will help you to avoid suffocation. Ideally, one must go for shorts and tees during the warmer days, and a pair of jeans and sweatshirts if the climate is cold.

  1. Skydiving without goggles is a Big NO-NO

They say “you become what you think”! Now don’t assume you’re Superman and leave for the big jump without eye gears. A pair of goggles will protect your eyes from winds and minute particles in the air. In case you wear prescription glasses, make sure to put protective skydiving goggles over the glasses. Sight visibility and protection must go hand in hand during the time of the dive.

  1. Get enough sleep; it’s important to feel fresh

Roger Hawkins, recalls his skydiving experience “Even though the experience was something to cherish for a lifetime, I was mostly sleepy and nauseous and waited for the drop zone to arrive soon. I wish I could have slept well the night before.”

If we are to consider such instances, getting enough sleep the night before the dive seems fully legit. Unless you are feeling fresh and energetic, the skydiving experience might not allow you to enjoy the moment.

  1. Know about the drop zone

This is yet another helpful tip that shall stay with you and assist in safe landing. You should consider reading enough reviews about the drop zone or ask fellow divers regarding the same. Reading about the drop zone will bring down your anxiety. You might come across a “do’s and don’ts” list, safety protocols and the likes. It is always a better idea to accumulate enough knowledge about the drop zone detail prior to skydiving.

  1. Confirm whether you’re with a certified skydiving facility

This is one critical aspect that needs to be confirmed before you go for the dive. Even though skydiving facilities across the globe are provided by certified experts, you should still consider crosschecking things from your end. Moreover, it is important for you to know whether your instructor has enough experience in this field and knows how to pull the trigger. Safety is one major concern when it comes to skydiving. You should leave no stone unturned in order to ensure the same.

  1. Do not keep your eyes closed; it will only spoil the fun

It’s time you do justice to those hard-earned bucks you will shell out for the big dive. Now that you are up and about, all set for the flight, make memories out of it. Do not freak out or keep your eyes closed while skydiving. Trust me; you are going to repent later. Just listen to your instructor, look around and enjoy the view!

  1. Make a reservation to avoid unavailability

Prior booking is always helpful. It will allow the instructors to schedule your jump accordingly, make arrangements for the videographers, pilots, packers, etc. This will allow you to experience the dive without any hindrance.

  1. Make videos, take photos, say CHEESE

There’s no point skydiving if you are not taking home enough memories to share with your close ones. Even though the instructor will already be there to back you up, make it a point to smile and stay confident while clicking pictures and making videos. Make sure the videographer takes enough photos and films your journey right from the climb, covering the freefall and the landing.

  1. Breathe and relax when you’re up in the air

Do not freak out and start panicking the moment you’re up in the air. This will eventually lead you to experience shortness of breath, hypertension and the likes. It is important for you to breathe correctly. The idea is to avoid taking quick successive breaths. You should train your mind to stay calm, composed and relaxed during the course of action. Simply listen to your instructor, have faith in him and keep breathing.

  1. Do not consume alcohol the night before

Get this straight; stay away from alcohol the night before. The day before you go for the dive, make sure that you are staying away from alcohol consumption or any other form of intoxication. However, apart from avoiding alcohol the night before, it will be better if you avoid drinking for a couple of days prior to the big day. It’s crucial for you to stay healthy and active with your senses working fine.

  1. Watch a couple of skydiving movies for the perfect adrenaline rush

Quite often, movies prove to be the best ways to express excitements. You may choose to add that spice of excitement before going for the big jump. Watch a couple of skydiving blockbusters like Sunshine Superman, Terminal Velocity, Drop Zone and Adrenaline Rush, to name a few. You might feel all the more motivated for the sport with the right kind of thrill and positivity in store for you.

To Wrap it Up

Once you’re finally done crossing skydiving of your wish list, plan the next jump and choose another intriguing location for the dive. Perhaps, this time you will have no inhibitions to hold on to. Successful skydiving for the first time can build up confidence and motivate people to achieve more such milestones by overcoming the fear of failure. Apart from that, you might rope in certificates and licenses from the local skydiving agencies for solo jumps. How cool is that!

Keep flying high, the sky is the limit!

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