Surfing Is One of The Most Popular Extreme Sports On The Planet: Join The $1 Billion Dollar Board Market

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Surfing Is One of The Most Popular Extreme Sports On The Planet: Join The $1 Billion Dollar Board Market

Next to parkour and skateboarding, surfing is one of the most popular extreme sports in America. In fact, it’s so popular that the global surfboard market looks set to hit $1 billion in 2022. Surfing has a particular culture surrounding it and it’s all about living a laid-back life where the only important thing is being able to hit the swell. Many people want in on this culture and lifestyle as there’s nothing quite as adrenaline-inducing as riding the waves. If you’re looking to start surfing, we’ve got the lowdown on what you need to get in the water.

Get Kitted Out

Being prepared in the water should always be your number one priority, whether you’re as experienced as Kelly Slater or just starting out. Before you get in the water you need a decent SPF sunscreen that’s water resistant. You’ll find a variety of different sunscreens designed for prolonged water exposure, and they’re worth splashing out on.
You’ll need the correct wetsuit for your body type and temperature regulations too. Having a good quality wetsuit will let you move freely in the water and keep you warm in the early morning hours. Hypothermia is no joke, and a decent millimeter thickness wetsuit can ward off the chills.
Having a leash or a “leggie” for your surfboard to ensure that it doesn’t get swept out in the current if you fall off is also important. Plus, your leash ensures that you have easy access to your board if you get into trouble. You can use it as a floatation device, and it makes it easier to spot in the sea.

Educate Yourself About Waves and Rip Currents

Safe surfing will require research and practice on your part. Being able to read waves, anticipate breaks, and assess whether to attempt a move is perhaps the most difficult part of surfing. This will only come with experience, but there are some tips you can start off with.
There are various parts of a wave including the peak, the lip, the impact zone, and the tube. Understanding and being able to recognize these parts is important in knowing how to read the wave. When you’re sitting on your board try looking out over the horizon and identifying a peak, try and identify which side the wave will crash on and assess whether there is time to ride it. If you get this wrong you could get dumped, and this can be extremely painful.

Lastly, before hitting the waves, it is important that you understand the threats you could face in the water. One such threat is a rip current. Rips are strong water currents that will pull you out to sea. They can be rather abrupt, and you need to know what to do should you spot or feel one. Try and remain calm, break free of the current and swim to shore. If you feel stuck, wave your arms and call for help.
There’s a reason why the surfboard market is so big, and with these tips you can equip yourself to surf as safely as possible. Now go get that set!

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