The Best Gear for Vibration Training

The Best Gear for Vibration Training

Exercising is serious business. In order to get to that goal weight or dream body, you have to work it out and consistent. No matter what exercise you do for your fitness regime, it pays to be dedicated and be all in for the ride. However, it also doesn’t have to be that difficult. They sai “no pain, no gain” and while this is relatively true, you also don’t have to suffer so much. Certain exercises can be aided with various gear to make things simpler and easier. As long as you’re passionate about reaching your fitness goals, you’ll get there eventually.

Today, whole-body vibration training is increasing in popularity. It’s a relaxing exercise that’s easy to do and can be loads of fun. Even more so if you have the right gear with you. To help you out with your own vibration training, here is a list of the best gear to assist you with this exercise.


Oversized Tops


Forget the fitted and sexy clothing sportswear brands are offering these days. For your vibration training, wearing an oversized top is the way to go. This exercise is all about getting fit in a relaxing and unfussy method. Shouldn’t’ your clothes evoke the same vibe? Go for the big t-shirts or oversized sweater you wear to bed when having a session or two on your vibration machine. You’ll find that not only will this feel extremely comfortable, but it’s also better for your self-esteem and drive in getting that desired body.




If you really want to go for that fitted look, go for legging instead. These comfortable bottoms make for attractive clothing to wear for any exercise, including whole-body vibration training. Choose the right size for you as you wouldn’t want your legs to be suffocated, especially since it’ll be vibrating for about an hour or so. You can also go wild with color for a more fashionable look and an added exciting touch to your relaxing exercise.


Comfy Socks


If you’re going to simply stand or sit on the machine as it vibrates your body, you wouldn’t need expensive sneakers for this exercise. A good and economical alternative is to get a pair of comfy socks. With these, you’ll be cozy, warm, and still full-dressed for your vibration training. You can even choose various styles and colors for a more fashionable look on your vibrating plate. And as you stand or sit on the machine. you’ll still feel the vibrations take the fat away.




It’s easy to get lost in time when you’re on a vibrating plate. The motion is just so relaxing that you simply don’t want it to end. However, like with any other exercise of just about anything in life, moderation is key. You wouldn’t want to vibrate too much, else you might not procure the desired results. To avoid this, bring in a stopwatch the next time you go for a vibrating session. You can time it for the right length of time and install an alarm to signal you for when it’s time to go off the machine.


Fitness Programs


Remember those fitness tapes and DVDs of celebrities? They make for great programs to watch during your vibration session. You can even do some of the aerobic exercises they do on those programs to get a more effective workout out of your vibration machine. But if you just want to relax in your vibrating plate, they make for great watching material as you stand or sit there vibrating your fat and your worries away.


Personal Trainer Programs


Some companies that sell vibration machines come with personal trainer programs. If the one you purchased has them, don’t throw them away. They’re the best to follow when you want to incorporate more movement unto your whole-body vibration training. These programs aren’t your ordinary personal trainers neither. You’re not confronted with an actual person, but instead, you’re given cards that instruct you on what you can do on your vibrating plate. They vary from strenuous exercises like push-ups and squats to some aerobic movements. If you’re able to, try them out and see if you’ll get even better results than simply sitting or standing on the machine.


Music Player


As with any fitness regime, music makes it all better. Even if you’re not doing strenuous activities, the music can keep you company as the machine vibrates your entire body. Have a music player ready—be it an MP3 player or the music player on your phone—and listen to some tunes while you do your whole-body vibration training. They’re also great for keeping consistent with your exercises while you’re on the vibration machine.




Just because you’re not doing anything on the vibration machine, doesn’t mean you won’t get tired. The vibrations can oftentimes overly-stimulate your body, and once the session is over, you’ll feel like jelly out of a jar. You’re going to need a nearby area where you can rest a bit and prepare your body for movement. In these instances, it pays to have a pillow or cushion handy. You can place them near the machine, so when your session is over, you can instantly and safely land on the soft surface without hurting your body.


Plush Mats


When you’re on your vibrating machine, wouldn’t you want your feet to feel a nice and soft surface as you spend the hour standing on it? It doesn’t feel all that comfortable and relaxing to just be standing, or even sitting, on the machine’s hard surface. For this, you can get a plush mat with a cuddly surface and place it on the machine. Just make sure they’re not too plush and thick as you might not feel the vibrations altogether at all.


If you don’t have the right gear for your fitness regime, you might not go anywhere with it. The next time you’re going for whole-body vibration training, incorporate these gears and more to really get effective results, They may not seem much for now, but they’ll make your life that much easier in reaching that goal weight.




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