The biggest spenders in Premier League with high average expenditures

The biggest spenders in Premier League with high average expenditures

The competition in the Premier League is not just about how many awards and titles, but also how many talented players a club has. That depends a lot on the amount of money they are willing to spend each season. In this article, we will learn about the biggest spenders in the Premier League with the highest average expenditures per season. 

The Premier League is a big tournament, gathering the strongest teams in Europe to compete. And always a thrilling, suspenseful and attractive tournament with spectacular action.

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 1. Manchester City (£63.1m)

Man City is the biggest spender in the league

Man City is known in the football world as a wealthy club for years. That’s why it holds the first position in this list. If you don’t know, the club’s owner Sheikh Mansour is a wealthy politician from Emirati. He has spent a lot of money to attract players who have paid well, resulting in the club’s EPL wins every 3 years and other trophies.

The club has always been in competition with Chelsea on the transfer market. Both clubs have spent almost the same amount, but unlike Chelsea, Man city hasn’t been selling players. That’s why they have £20m more in average expenditures per season.

By looking at the amount of money that Man City has paid for players, you will agree that this is one of the biggest spenders in the league. Their £1.61 billion was spent on De Bruyne (£68m), Rodri (£62m), and many others. These players have performed well in their current team, which proves that their recruitments have been worth the money.

However, European football recently threatened the club for not abiding by financial fair play rules. Because they can spend the amount of money that no other club can, so obviously they have a huge advantage in attracting many players. Although the court didn’t have enough evidence to condemn them, they should do the same thing as other clubs like Manchester United does, which spend the money from what they produced instead of from an owner’s pocket.

2. Chelsea (£41.4m)

Another wealthy club in the list of the biggest spenders in the Premier League is Chelsea. Back in 2002, Chelsea was just a small club and no one would think that they would be able to spend a huge amount of money in the transfer market. Since Roman Abramovich arrived and took charge of the club, they have done the exact same thing and won 5 Premier League trophies and 1 UCL title.

Chelsea’s owner is a wealthy businessman

Under the ownership of a wealthy businessman, Chelsea has turned into one of the best clubs in the world, as they have collected a lot of trophies as well as fans along the way. Their management model is impressive as both the young team and the first team are strong. Chelsea is not only one of the biggest spenders in the Premier League, they are also the biggest seller as well, with an accumulation of nearly £876m in player sales.

The main reason why they have achieved this is because they don’t use youth players in the first team, but they sell them to smaller EPL clubs when the players reach a certain level. They are also excellent at negotiation when they want to sell players who have flopped at the club.

With nearly £1.6 billion spent for EPL, they have bought players like Kepa Arrizabalaga (£72m), Alvaro Morata (£60m), and more. And they seem to continue spending more on the transfer market as it has obviously worked out so well for them.

3. Manchester United (£40.5m)

Man United has a glorious history that brought them a lot of money

Manchester United is a club with a long and glorious history, so there is no surprise that they are amongst the biggest spenders in the Premier League. They are known for paying huge transfer fees and wages, but not the same way as Man City or Chelsea because most of it happened since Sir Alex Ferguson left. The talent of the legendary coach helped Man United save a lot of money on the transfer market. Over the years, they have spent a total of more than £1.2 billion and £850m of that money was spent after he left.  

The huge amount of money spent in the last 7 years has resulted in a few cup trophies. Football fans can clearly tell that the club has struggled to build a team and they haven’t achieved success as before. Since Sir Alex left, there were other managers who took over but none of them and the players they bought could be able to adapt to the club.

The most valuable players that Man United bought were Pogba (£94.5m), Maguire (£78.3m), or Lukaku (£76.2m) and others. Not all the players have performed well since they arrived at Old Trafford, some of them were even sold because they underperformed, given the amount of money they cost.

Obviously, instead of splashing money on the transfer market, Sir Alex chose to nurture young talent and only bought bigger players to strengthen the team, which worked much better. However, Man United is a big club and fans can expect them to be in a much better situation in the near future.

5. Arsenal (£19.5m)

Arsenal doesn’t spend as much as the other clubs

Compared to other clubs above, Arsenal hasn’t really splashed money on the transfer market. You can tell that they are not willing to spend a lot of money by looking at their average expenditure per season. The club’s policy has been to build slowly towards success. Although it hasn’t worked very well in the last 10 years, they are a patient club and they can improve their situation.

Arsenal’s average expenditure per season is about the same as other clubs like Liverpool and Aston Villa, and less than half of clubs like Chelsea or Man City. These clubs have always been big competitors of Arsenal. 

In fairness, if the club had spent more money, they might have collected some more trophies. Although they are on this list, the amount of money they spent is nowhere as big as others. Their £833m was spent for Pepe (£72m), Aubameyang (£56m), Ozil (£43m) and some others. They have contributed to the team’s success but they need more valuable players to compete at the highest level.

It is not surprising that Premier League clubs are spending so much. The more clubs they spend, the more they prove their financial strength. And the advantage to owning brilliant players from annual transfers is great. They are also consistently high in the Premier League rankings, as well as always in the top clubs with high odds by bookmakers. 

Above are a few revelations about the huge spending levels from Premier League clubs. For more information, you can see at Fun88 to know on transfers, odds, news football betting and betting.

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