The Strangest Extreme Sports

The Strangest Extreme Sports

In the modern world, when everything is focused on feelings and emotions, the popularity of extreme sports is rapidly growing. An increasing number of people are dreaming of bungee jumping, scuba diving, windsurfing, and a wide variety of alternative options. As mentioned in certain reviews and comments, some college students are looking for a job to earn extra money to get an opportunity to join an extreme sports team. Some learners are ready to compromise studying, sleeping, and other experiences just to feel the adrenaline levels increase. It is indispensable to mention that even extreme sports can sometimes become boring. Nonetheless, there is always a beneficial solution, which means you can find a worthy alternative at any time. So, if you are searching for a crazier and more exciting type of extreme sport, make sure you have enough time and money to investigate available options. 

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Underwater Hockey

Although hockey does not sound like a very extreme sport, the word underwater makes it so. It is not the best option for the spectators, but it is one of the beneficial alternatives appreciated by passionate athletes. Underwater hockey was invented over 50 years ago when divers felt bored and decided to entertain for a while. The idea seemed interesting, and an increasing number of amateurs have already given it a try. 

Base Jumping

If you consider bungee jumping one of the most extreme and exciting ways to feel the adrenaline surge, you should try base jumping. One thing that makes this sport crazy is the fact that you need to throw yourself off the height. You will have a parachute so that you can stay safe before you hit the ground. 

Extreme Ironing

This is undeniably one of the weirdest extreme sports ever known. Nonetheless, it is a perfect combination of extreme outdoor activity and the satisfaction of having a well-pressed cloth. The athlete should have an iron and a board, combining ironing with some other activities, like hanging from the cliff, water skiing, or scuba diving. 

Volcano Boarding

If snowboarding is no more impressive and extreme, you should consider volcano boarding. Get your protective jumpsuit and goggles on and find a live volcano to feel the desired emotions. Do you feel the adrenalin rush just from thinking of the possible volcano eruption? 

Unicycle Hockey

While usual hockey cannot make you excited anymore, the unicycle option is right what you need to focus on. Join the club and relish an opportunity to balance on the one-wheeled bike, playing hockey. Feel the excitement and adrenaline of scoring the goal. 

Wife Carrying

This type of extreme sport comes from Finland, which is known for strange and unusual activities. The country organizes a festival every year, with wife carrying being one of the central games. The task of the man is to carry his wife over a long course through the water and hills. 


Also known as highlining, it is one of the craziest extreme sports ever. The task of the athlete is to balance on a thin strip. What makes it even scarier is the fact that the strip is held between two anchor points hundreds of meters off the ground.


It is a comparatively new type of extreme sport, which has been invented in New Zealand. It is not the best match for those people who have phobias, but it is an impressive way to test your strength and endurance. Participants get in zorbs, which are big transparent balls, and enjoy thrilling games on the ground or water. 

Cliff Diving

If you adore swimming and diving, this is right what you should do next. At this point, it is indispensable to mention that you should be exceptionally attentive and conscious to avoid any rocks and other objects that can make the activity life-threatening.   

Canyon Swinging

This activity resembles bungee jumping but is a bit more extraordinary. It involves swinging high in the air between two objects. The experience may be dangerous due to the height and inability to control the swing. 

All these sports seem to be pretty impressive and interesting. New emotions, unforgettable memories, and lifelong feelings will not leave you indifferent. However, making a choice and selecting the craziest and the strangest extreme sport to participate in may become a struggle. While some users may be excited about wife carrying and extreme ironing, we are convinced that base jumping is one of the most promising options that will become exceptionally popular in the shortest while. 

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