Things Every Beginner Cyclist Should Do Before a Race

Things Every Beginner Cyclist Should Do Before a Race

There are many great sports to get your juices flowing, and cycling has a special place of its own. It is one of the most extreme sports, depending on the terrain and weather conditions, among other factors. Taking part in a cycling race can be a great way to challenge your body and display your skills.

But there are many things you may need to do before pedaling your way to the finish line. Here are six tips to help you get ready.

Familiarize Yourself with the Race Course

A few weeks before a race, the organizers usually give out the map of the course to all the candidates. You must take a look at the map and visit the area. While you are there, be sure to carefully note every little detail. You need to know where the hills are and how long they are, along with the locations of any sharp turns and the length of the course. Having beforehand knowledge can give you a significant advantage. You will be able to slow down, speed up, and use your energy better than the other racers unless they are preparing the same way, the competition will be fierce in that case.

Get the Best Gear

Every sport has some gear that all the players must wear. You must wear proper clothing to be safe and have some assistance. It is common knowledge that the cheapest equipment is never of good quality, which is why you might need to expand your budget. You can browse excellent helmets on Helmet Hunt. It might be best to buy the cycling suit in person, to make sure it properly fits. Also, consider purchasing a pair of goggles to protect your eyes, and maybe a pair of gloves. Finally, you will need to have comfortable, light-weight, and durable shoes for the long pedal.

Join a Riding Group

Cycling the entire course of the race might be easy when doing alone, but things change when there are other riders around. You might become nervous and hit someone, causing tens of them to fall down and get eliminated from the race or get hurt. That is why you must look into joining a riding group. They can be instrumental in teaching you how to properly ride alongside others at high speeds. You can also get a good knowledge of all the things that should and shouldn’t be done out on the roads, which can be very beneficial to display excellent sportsmanship. If you do try to engage in unethical actions, the other riders may not show mercy.

Before The Big Day


Many people often intake huge amounts of food the day before the race. They may even completely change their regular diet. But you need to stick to the same high carb meals. If you have been eating a lot of rice or pasta, it would be best to eat that again. 


Before the big day, it is important not to completely exhaust yourself. You need to get plenty of rest. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a final training session. You can cycle around very lightly to get the muscles ready. 

Getting Ready

Make sure that everything is ready the day before the race. Fill up all your water bottles, buy a few energy bars, and get the gels ready. The exact amount of these highly depends on the length and duration of the race. You may need one or two bottles and gel for an hour-long race. Consider getting more if it will take over an hour to complete it.

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