Top 10 Aquatic Extreme Sports

Top 10 Aquatic Extreme Sports

Practicing Sports is something essential for you to maintain your physical and mental health, not be considered a sedentary person and to improve your fitness.

But there are a lot of people who go further. After all, there are thousands of modalities and some that mix the physical effort with adrenaline. Nowadays, extreme aquatic or terrestrial sports have conquered supporters.


Practicing Sports is essential to maintaining your physical and mental health, not to mention that this kind of sport makes you closer to nature.


It is worth remembering that three extreme sports will be part of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020: they are surfing, climbing and skateboarding. The idea is to renew the Olympic programming and also draw the attention of an increasingly young audience.


But don’t think that extreme sports in the water are exclusive to youth. With proper physical preparation and taking all safety measures, anyone can live strong emotions, overcome their own boundaries and experience incredible experiences in new territories.


If you have never practiced any radical sport, know some reasons to increase the adrenaline level of your everyday life.



Why Practice water-radical sports?


Water extreme sports require a lot of your physical fitness and, on the other hand, offer advantages for your body and mind, as well as offering unique opportunities. So, know 4 reasons to adhere to extreme sports practiced in the water:

1 – Confidence

Extreme sports in the water make your decision making immediate and require a lot of confidence from the practitioner. Over time, successful adventures provide a sense of victory and security that can be passed on to professional activities.

2 – Resistance

Like all high-intensity physical activity, sports practiced in the water require a lot of breath, strength and endurance to be able to maintain the effort for considerable time. Thus, an improvement of its cardiovascular functions occurs from its physical evolution.

3 – Welfare

When performing any exercise, your body releases the endorphin, a hormone responsible for the feeling of tranquility and wellbeing. This substance decreases stress and increases your feeling of disposition. And the higher the intensity of extreme sports in the water the greater the amount of endorphin produced naturally. That means you feel extremely good in life.

4 – Muscle Strength Gain

The radical modalities made in water are an excellent way to gain muscle strength. But, you need to know your own limits to escape from muscle or unforeseen injuries during an adventure. So keep your pace and intensify the challenge gradually.


The Best Aquatic Extreme Sports


Now that you’ve understood some of the benefits of extreme aquatic sports, let’s take a look at some interesting ones and that will leave your body full of adrenaline?

1 – Rafting

If you are looking for a radical sport in the water you need to know the rafting, which comes down to a descent into river rapids in a boat.

This Sport comes down to a descent into river rapids in a dinghy.

Even If adrenaline is permanent, it does not demand any previous experience and you can easily find companies that offer the experience with all the security. Basically, you will have a lot of fun and experience stunning scenery.

2 – Canoeing

Canoeing is an Olympic sport and has several modalities and can be practiced in rapids, at sea, etc. The location depends heavily on the adrenaline you feel prepared to face. However, it is necessary to have a large apparatus for practice: canoe, paddle, vest, helmet, among others.

3 – Kitesurfers

In kite surfers, you stand on top of a surfboard and are pulled by a kite. However, it is a radical sport practiced in the water that requires the realization of a preparatory course with a trained professional to take no risk. Take a look and enjoy:

4 – Wakeboard

One must count on the help of a person and a speedboat to perform maneuvers and actions similar to those of snowboarding.

Unfortunately, you have to rely on the help of a person and a speedboat to practice this sport.

Normally, anyone interested in this radical aquatic sport has the urge to dare even more in jumps and acrobatics.

5 – Fly board

Created in 2012, the Fly board is an unknown aquatic radical sport that uses a kind of jet pack for feet, a surfboard connected to a jet ski through a hose. The Water jet sends the person up offering an almost flying sensation. Although it seems complicated, just have the balance to have a lot of fun.

6 – Water Skiing

You may have skived in the snow, but have you ever thought about repeating the experience in the water?

Imagine skiing in the snow? Ready! That’s a similar sensation, only in the water.

Then, it is necessary to rely on the help of a person piloting a plank to facilitate their slipping into the water through a long rope. The idea is to stay balanced and enjoy the unique sensation for as long as possible.

7 – Wave ski

The Wave ski is a radical aquatic sport that gathers kayaking and surfing. Basically, it’s the practitioner with a double paddle, and that effort makes it easier to catch a wave. It is a fairly simple modality for those wishing to start betting on more intense modalities. This can be a good alternative for a first-time traveler.

8 – Surfing

Surfing is not only a radical aquatic sport, but it must become an Olympic sport From the Tokyo games in 2020. Take a look:

However, surfing can be seen as a passion or even a philosophy of life, which does not require much investment and not even a plank as cool as That of Gabriel Medina. You can have fun, meet amazing places, keep a healthy life and exercise properly just by catching a wave.

9 – Bodyboard

The Sport is quite famous and concentrated in Brazil due to a large number of titles in the world circuit feminine and masculine. Similarly to traditional surfing, body boarding can also be considered more than a sport practiced in water and seen as a way to lead life.

You can practice on the beach near your home, travel to meet other peaks, wake up early to enjoy the waves before work or studies, basically it is a very healthy and economical option for those who want to enjoy life intensely.

10 – Dive

Scuba diving is a way to get to know the bottom of the sea and admire yourself with a totally new and charming world. However, it may require a professional preparation or accompaniment when it is carried out at a considerable depth.

Scuba diving is a way to get to know the bottom of the sea and admire yourself with a totally new and charming world.

You can also dive safely anywhere in the sea, river or lake with simple glasses to see well. After all, it’s not the depth that was supposed to dive, but how much you took the experience.

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