Top 10 Trampoline Benefits for Kids

Top 10 Trampoline Benefits for Kids

Since they were first invented, trampolines have been at the top of children’s holiday and birthday wish lists. It’s not hard to see why. Trampolines let you reach super-human heights and are a great place for kids’ imaginations to go wild.

Backyard trampolines have evolved a lot in recent years. They’re no longer these dangerous play-things that are the ire of over-protective parents. New designs have made them safer and more accessible than ever. 

Trampolines are much more than just toys. They can provide extreme exercise that improves your child’s mental and physical health, too! Here are some positive benefits that your child can experience with a trampoline.

1. Promotes Outdoor Play

Let’s face it, kids these days don’t spend nearly as much time outside as past generations did. With so many electronic distractions at their disposal, children are missing out on all the wonders of outdoor play. With a trampoline, your child can spend more time in the sun and less time in front of a television screen. In turn, they’ll get more Vitamin D into their bodies and find new ways to have fun.

2. Gets Kids Active

If your kid is not too keen on exercising, a trampoline is a great way to get them moving. While they’re having all that fun jumping up and down, they’re getting a full-body workout. Plus, it’s a low-impact activity. The rebound action takes the pressure off the joints, ensuring that your child stays safe and comfortable while they’re exercising.

3. Safe and Contained Fun

While trampolines have had a bit of a negative reputation in the past, modern models are much safer. According to the 10 Machines, new springless trampolines are one of the safest options around. These models don’t have traditional springs. Thus, there’s more room to play and fewer ways to get hurt. The jumping area is also contained within a tall net. Instead of letting your child run wild and get into all kinds of dangerous trouble, you can rest easy knowing that they’re having fun in a safe contained space.

4. Improves Coordination

Contrary to popular belief, coordination and balance are things that have to be learned. When your child is exercising on a trampoline, their center of gravity is all over the place. That’s what makes these play-things so fun! To stay upright, kids have to constantly shift their weight and muscles accordingly. 

Every muscle in their body has to work overtime to help them stay standing. That stimulation and strengthening often result in better coordination over time. How does that help your child? Well, it can improve response time, help them avoid injury, and better prepare them for physical sports when they get older.

5. Strengthens Motor Skills

Like coordination, the development of your child’s motor skills is important. All kids can see improvement from strengthening their muscles and bones on a trampoline. However, it’s especially effective for kids with autism or developmental issues. Many therapists use trampolines to help autistic children get a better understanding of their bodies. 

The results of a recent study showed that regular trampoline training sessions significantly improved leg strength and motor function among children with autism. The very nature of jumping challenges a child’s body, which results in improved motor skills regardless of whether they’re on the autism spectrum or not.

6.Enhances the Immune System

Even at a young age, your child’s immune system could be compromised due to their diet and lifestyle. The extreme effect that jumping on a trampoline has on the body helps to improve lymphatic circulation. The lymphatic system is responsible for pushing toxins out of the body. When this happens, essential nutrients have an easier time supporting the organs and improving your child’s immune system. Plus, the boost of circulation works to move infection-fighting white blood cells throughout the body.

7. A Healthy Way to Get Rid of Energy

Built-up energy leads to several problems in children. It can cause sleeping issues, decrease focus, behavioral problems, and so much more. With a backyard trampoline, your child will have a safe and effective way to get rid of all that energy. All it takes is a few minutes. Before you know it, they’ll be all tuckered out and ready to relax. This can ultimately lead to better school performance and behavior.

8. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Youngsters can get stressed out just like adults. Sometimes, the idea of letting kids be kids is all it takes to reduce anxiety levels. Physical activity is known to release endorphins. These hormones lead to a feeling of euphoria and happiness. A few minutes on a trampoline every day can dramatically reduce stress levels. You may even want to join your child to take advantage of this benefit too!

9. Improves Posture

Instead of reminding your children to constantly sit up straight and stop slouching, you can let them improve on their own. As we mentioned earlier, using a trampoline stimulates and strengthens the core muscles. Over time, those muscles will help support the spine, leading to better posture and less pain.

10. Encourages Creativity

Finally, trampolines are a great tool for expanding your child’s mind. Think about all the imaginative fun you had as a kid. Young people can turn just about anything into something magical. A trampoline is a perfect tool for expressing creativity. Your child can spend hours in a trampoline coming up with fun games and stories. While it may seem like simple child-like wonder, that creativity can improve their ability to learn and think outside of the box.


Trampolines are capable of enhancing your child’s life in so many different ways. Not only are they fun, but they can push your child’s body and mind in ways that no other toy can. Thanks to modern trampoline design, you can watch your kid reap the benefits safely.

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