Top 5 Outdoor Activities to Pump Up Your Adrenaline in Dublin

Top 5 Outdoor Activities to Pump Up Your Adrenaline in Dublin

When choosing your next travel destination, especially if you’re an adventurous soul looking for a way to get that shot of adrenaline, Dublin is probably not going to be your first choice. And you’ve got no idea what you’re missing out on!

Of course, Dublin offers all the regular tourist attractions, like museums and sights of interest, not to mention all the pubs. It’s a beautiful old city, filled with history and culture. Many people come here every day to experience what it’s got to offer, the pub culture specifically being a very big part of it. But there’s another side to Dublin, that’s probably not something you will think about when getting off your flight and getting a taxi to your hotel. There’s something that is yet to be discovered. Let’s look at some of these fun outdoor activities that’ll definitely create unforgettable memories, and make you want to come back many times more.

Cliffs of Moher

Dublin offers a lot of day tours to different parts of Ireland, but Cliffs of Moher is probably one of the most popular tours. All the way to the west coast of Ireland, Cliffs of Moher are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ireland, welcoming over a million visitors each year. The Cliffs of Moher Coastal Walk runs for 18 km, with an official path that’s more safety conscious, and an unofficial path, running a little closer to the edge. The cliffs run 120 metres above the Atlantic Ocean at their southern end and go north, where they reach their maximum height of 214 metres. From the top of the cliffs opens up a beautiful view at the Aran Islands in Galway Bay, Loop Head to the south, and the Maumturks and Twelve Pins mountain ranges to the north. There can be an occasional risk of rocks falling down, so you should always stay alert and take care of your safety first.

Adventure Time

For the ultimate rock climbing experience, try Adventure Time in Dublin. It’s a company that offers rock climbing and abseiling tours. You’ll learn how to tie knots and secure yourself when on a cliff, and of course, you’ll get to do some rock climbing. It’s a great activity for a group of friends or even families with children. You can choose a preferred level of difficulty. Safety is top priority, so the tour can be adjusted even for children as young as eight years old. But don’t think this means that you’ll get to slack off! The instructors will make sure to give you both a pleasurable and challenging experience so that you could test your limits and see just how much you’re capable of. So the tour is just as perfect both for beginners and those who’ve already climbed a rock or two in their lives.

Tank Driving

The Irish Military War Museum offers something that you’ve definitely never thought of before. You can be driving a real military tank around an obstacle course, crushing everything in your way. You’ll get close to a real piece of history. This is the kind of experience that makes you appreciate the peaceful times we’re living in now, without these indestructible giants riding down your street. That’s not all the museum has got to offer. They have a great collection of equipment, weaponry, and vehicles, all in good condition. You can try on military uniforms and touch many of the exhibits to get a really close look at everything. All in all, it can be a very rewarding experience for history and military buffs, as well as spark an interest in these topics in children and adults alike.


Although practiced long before anyone even coined the name, coasteering has become a popular sport relatively recently. This physical activity is a combination of swimming, climbing, jumping, and diving. The rocky coastline of Dublin makes a perfect destination for coasteering. There are companies that will suit you up in appropriate equipment and take you to the best spots around Dublin for coasteering. You’ll get to climb rocks and jump off the edge right into the sea. Coasteering is a fun and diverse activity, which requires having multiple skills and being in good physical shape.

Guided Foraging Tours

Finally, if you’ve had your fix of adrenaline and are looking for a more relaxing activity, then foraging guided walks could be just the thing for you. It might be a quieter kind of activity, but still rewarding and educational, at the very least. Foraging for food has been a trendy topic for a few years now, with the rise in popularity of survivalist blogs and YouTube channels. On the other hand, there’s a whole community of people who want to live their lives environmentally conscious. This means reduce waste, grow their own food, come back to the roots, so to speak. And now, if you want to go foraging for food, you don’t even need to do a ton of research to make sure that you won’t end up eating something poisonous. Some services offer guided tours, where you’ll go into the woodlands, explore nature, and learn all about wild plant species and mushrooms.

Does that sound exciting? Then don’t waste your time and start planning your next vacation with Dublin and these fun activities in mind.

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