Top 8 Dangerous and Challenging Sports

Top 8 Dangerous and Challenging Sports

Who is the top boxer? Finding an answer to this questing can be a bit of a challenge. There are different activities that people indulge in during their free time. Many people opt to indulge in different sporting activities to experience entertainment that comes with participating in any sport. Actively participating in different sporting activities comes with different challenges and injuries. At times a person can lose life due to the injuries sustained while participating in the sporting activity.

It is important to take all the necessary precautions before participating in any sport. You should also know the risks that you might encounter. Here are some of the top most dangerous and challenging sports in the world that people take part in spite of the risks involved.

1. Horse Riding

Horse riding is one of the activities that many people like to participate in. The horse riding activity helps in working the thighs and the core muscles as well as being a great way for the horse riders to tone their midsections. Despite it being one of the best ways to keep feet a person can get serious injuries which can lead to fatalities.

The most common type of injuries experienced by the horse riders is getting trampled on by the hooves of the horse while a person is on the ground. This can lead to serious injuries such as bone fractures’. A person participating in horse riding also risks being thrown off from the back of the horse or even receiving it’s fatal kicks.

2. Scuba diving

Scuba diving is one of the most dangerous underwater sporting activity that people indulge in. The sporting activity involves the use of the underwater apparatus for breathing purpose. The scuba divers stay underwater to be able to observe the marine life or explore things like caves found in large water bodies such as ocean, sea, and lakes.

Some of the risks that a scuba diver can experience are the high pressures. This can cause rupture of the eardrums, rupture of the lungs or the damage of the diver’s synapse. The diver also risks a high build-up of helium and nitrogen gas in their bloodstream which in the long run can cause damage to the blood tissues and eventually shutdown of the blood system.

A person can also be attacked by sea creatures such as sharks and whales while participating in scuba diving activities.

3. Bull Riding

This is one of the most dangerous sporting activity that involves a person’s ability to stay mounted on raging bulls back for the longest possible time. Many people who participate in this sports activity often experience serious injuries such as concussion, face damage besides having the neck and head injuries.

Most of the injuries are usually caused by being stumbled on by the bull’s hooves or being tossed by the bull after being impaled on the of the raging bull’s horns.

4. Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a type of sporting activity that involves a person’s ability to be able to balance, their flexibility, strength, and ability to control the whole body. A person participating in gymnastics risk being a victim of spinal and wrist fractures, ankle sprains, damage of their cartilage among other injuries.

All the injuries are caused by the various accident and risks that come with participating in this sporting activity which can also cause death.

5. Boxing

Boxing is a type of sport that a person gains points by aiming at punching at the opponent’s face or head. Statistics done have shown that many boxing participants usually end up suffering from different complications such as loss of memory and serious brain damage. Many boxers also experience diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s after they are done with their boxing career.

Apart from standard fighting, there are many boxing trainers starting to fight outside training room and it makes a severe problem to other people. Boxing should be understood as a sport that help to improve the health and defend, not to attack. If you want to go for a fight, please make sure you wear appropriate gloves.

6. Base Jumping

Base jumping is a type of sport that involves a person jumping off from a plane which is at 15,000 feet or even higher. Many people who participate in this sport may suffer serious injuries and at times death due to lack of enough time to deploy the parachutes or deal with any emerging problems. A person can also land on buildings or on trees which can result in the person sustaining injuries.

7. Rugby

Rugby is a sport that involves players on the two different teams smashing against each other. The rugby players use their body to play while having the protection of only the rugby boots and a mouth guard. Most of the rugby players experience concussions, dislocations, and torn ligaments.

The rugby players use their physical strength to tackle hard their opponents which can also lead to major injuries and loss of life.

8. Big wave surfing

Big wave surfing is a kind of sporting activity that involves a person being towed or puddled onto the big waves of heights measuring 20 feet and above. People who participate in this kind of sport can drown or be pulled by the strong currents into the water. A person surfing can also be smashed against the rocks that are usually hidden under the water.

In conclusion

It is important for a sportsperson to be aware of the different injuries that can be caused by sports activities and make wise decisions on which type of sport to participate in.

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