Top 8 Scorers Of Football History

Top 8 Scorers Of Football History

Football is the undisputed king of sports. With that kind of title, it is only natural that the sport can have so many unyielding fans supporting it. However, due to its old age, fans of football nowadays do not know all that much about past legends.

For example, most of us know that Lionel Messi, as well as Cristiano Ronaldo, are the best scorers. However, that is only applicable to our own generation. After all, once we start comparing them with the old champs, these guys’ accomplishments become not that impressive.

Ever since the day he made his debut with two goals against Malmo, Cristiano Ronaldo has made 501 total goals. This achievement, while certainly notable, only makes him the 8th of this list.

Josef Bican

This man, the striker that became a legend throughout the history of football, had played for two national teams. Throughout his career playing for Austria and then Czechoslovakia, he made exactly 1468 goals from 918 games. Of course, this also includes all the friendly matches.

The best goal scorer of all times

As for official matches, Bican made 805 goals in total after playing in 530 official games. He spent almost 27 years on the professional level in order to achieve such an impressive milestone.

In addition, the man also had the honor of being the 20th Century’s recipient of the title “Best Goal Scorer”. He truly was a goal hunter with an out-of-this-world speed.


Being the third-ever player to achieve the milestone of 1000 goals after Bican and Pele, you cannot underestimate Romario. Anyone who can be considered to be in the same league of the King of Football is unquestionably a legend. This man also lived up to his hype, as he helped Brazil to become the 1994 World Cup Champion.

The Brazilian Legend

He is without a doubt at the top of the ladder when it comes to best strikers of the 1990s. Throughout his 24-year competitive football career, the man played for some of the most prestigious clubs on the planet.

After proving his talents at PSV Eindhoven, he moved to Barcelona, where he became a worldwide star. Then, he came home to the Vasco da Gama Club of Brazil. If we only consider official matches, the man had made 772 goals over 994 matches.


The King of Football, born exactly on the 23rd of October, 1940, is usually referred by the alias Pele. For the majority of football fans as well as professional players, this man is the single greatest footballer in history.

The King of Football

In the year 1999, Pele was awarded the highest honor that is the title “Best Player of the 20th Century”. In that very year, he was again voted by the IOC as the Athlete of the Century. Furthermore, TIME magazine listed him as the 100 most influential around the globe.

Including all the friendly games, the King of Football has made a legendary 1281 goals over 1360 games. It was his incredible talent for scoring that got Pele attention throughout the 50s to the 70s.


Considered the best Hungarian footballer in history, Puskas ranked 7th in the 100 best players in the 20th Century list.  Throughout a long professional career that lasted several decades, he has made a total of 754 goals over 746 matches.

Of all those goals, he made 84 from the 85 international appearances for the national team of Hungary.


More commonly known as Eusebio, his real name is Eusébio da Silva Ferreira. Born on the 25th of January, 1942, he is a striker through and through.

Eusebio played a major part in helping Portugal finishing at the third place of the World Cup 1966. With his undeniable talent of scoring, the championship granted him the title of “Top Scorer”. Furthermore, he was also presented the Ballon d’Or of 1965.

Eusebio spent almost 15 years playing for Benfica Club, becoming the player with the most goals in its history. For the majority of Portuguese, he is known as the single greatest footballer. Throughout his 24-year-long career, Eusebio made a total of 621 goals over 639 official matches.

Gerd Muller

Born on the 3rd of November, 1945, this former West German player is one of the greatest goal scorers. During his time, there was no other striker as great as he was. With a total of 655 goals in official matches, he is without a doubt worthy of a position on this list.

After an incredible 1970 season alongside Bayern Munich, Muller was awarded the European Golden Ball for his scoring ability. Then, he went on to made 10 goals throughout that year’s World Cup.

Muller was an integral part of the incredible European Cup run that awarded Bayern Munich three consecutive cups. In addition, he also played a major part in helping West Germany winning the 1972 EURO and 1974 World Cup.

Hugo Sanchez

Nicknamed Hugol and Pentapichichi, is a legendary former Mexican football striker. Throughout his long career, Hugol has played for four different football clubs in Europe, one of them being Real Madrid.

His time spent at Real Madrid was also his career’s peak, as he made a total of 208 goals there. Sanchez was also awarded the title top scorer of La Liga five times after his incredible 38 goals debut season.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo became Real Madrid’s greatest scorer with a total of 324 goals out of his 501 goals total. He has led the team to three Champion League titles, earning five Golden Balls for himself. Throughout his currently continuing career, Ronaldo has made 501 goals over his 723 official matches.

The List Goes On

If you do not see your favorite player on this list, don’t be sad. Out of the eight footballers presented here, only one still played competitively. Thus, there is no way that there will not be any change going forward. 

After all, records are made so that they can be broken. Website for watching:

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