Top 7 Unmissable Extreme Sports (and where to try them)

Top 7 Unmissable Extreme Sports (and where to try them)

One of the things that make adventure sports exciting is their location. So, get ready to experience your pulse racing for a memorable holiday vacation. We’ve researched the most exhilarating adrenaline-packed adventure sports and the beautiful sites to try them. However, it is important to get latest updates on various gaming clubs to ensure you know what’s happening in the world of games. 

Volcano boarding

Initiated by an Australian tourist in Leon, Nicaragua, volcano boarding entails zooming down the face of active volcanos on a secure plywood toboggan. You will need to use your heels to steer and brake, and you will reach up to 90 kilometers per hour. However, this is after you have to climb up the volcano.

Where to try volcano boarding: some of the best destinations for this sport include Leon’s Big Foot Hostel and Austin adventures

Downhill mountain biking

You need full suspension bikes designed to float over tree rocks and rocks. Downhill mountain biker’s races down sheer slope speckled with obstacles.

Where to try DH biking: the Death Road in Bolivia is one of the country’s famous backpacker event. There is also the whistle mountain bike park situated in Canada, which is somehow safer.

Freshwater cave diving

Ocean scuba can be extreme enough for most people, but sliding into the hole in the earth to reconnoiter a submerged cave is another level stuff. In most cases, stalactites are the primary draw.

Where to try the sport: Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico has the largest concentration of sinkholes in the world. They are fringed by lush jungle, making the turquoise pools idyllic.

Heli-skiing or boarding

Boarding can be technical as you will use the whirlybird to get to the untouched terrain. You will also get more bang for your buck if you are a skilled snowboarder or skier.

Where to try this sport: strongly barred in Europe, heli-skiing is common in New Zealand and North America. The Chugach Mountains in Alaska have the world’s softest ad deepest powder. Go to Tordrillo mountain lodge and learn the best backcountry ski instructions in the world. You can as well try the volcanic summits and dream views of Denali.

Flow boarding

Flow boarding is a mixture of surfing and multiple board sports. It entails riding an artificial sheet wave on a device that resembles a skateboard.

Where to try flow boarding: since this adventure sport gained momentum in the 1980s, flow house are established around the world. You can visit Dublin, Sweden, California or Colorado for a flow boarding experience.

Bungee jumping

The sport is inspired by Vanuatu’s ceremonial land divers. AJ Hackett, the Kiwi entrepreneur, popularized the contemporary sport of diving from a ledge while fastened to a safety cord.

Where to try the sport: Macau Tower is the highest commercial diving point in the world with 233 m. You can also try the Queenstown’s Kawarau Bridge Bungey and Zambia’s Victoria Falls that are more scenic.


Also called globe-riding, orbing or sphereing, zorbing is the art of rolling downhill in a clear plastic ball. You can choose to zorb with friends, alone or with water, just for fun.

Where to try zorbing: the original zorbing firm is in Rotorua, but you will get the outfits in different stores across the world.

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