Urban Exploration: Hobby Not for the Faint of Heart

Urban Exploration: Hobby Not for the Faint of Heart

When you have a date with a stranger, you try different topics from the list of the perfect icebreakers. Hobbies are considered one of the best options that can help find something in common. Even though most variants are widespread and safe, some stand out from the rest with controversies. One of the best examples is urbex. It is not for everyone, and many people will hardly understand its advantages. However, if you crave adventure and want to break out from other people with their ‘calm and dull’ hobbies, you can try your hand at urban exploration. Students who cannot find time for such activity because of the high workload in college can examine proessaywriting reviews to find a way out. It will be much easier to free up your schedule to explore the city’s surroundings and search for something unique. However, bear in mind that you shouldn’t cross the line and find yourself in trouble because of illegal entry. Even if you want to get the thrill, such a misstep can ruin your life.

The Essence of Urban Exploration

While some people prefer to stay away from under the bed, others, on the contrary, are in a hurry to meet ‘the monster.’ Perhaps it is more about the need for the thrill and the desire to find out what is hidden behind a closed door. Every abandoned building has its own story and a wide range of secrets, so people strive to discover them. It is a perfect hobby for horror movie admirers and those who have a tremendous desire to go further than others. Even though such entertainment may seem weird and even creepy, true adventure hunters have a motto that urges only to take pictures. In other words, hobbyists of urban exploration must not behave like vandals who destroy everything around them and liberate. It is a perfect hobby for people who like history and want to try their hand at solving mysteries. You can take pics, investigate and come up with stories, but you are forbidden to grab anything with you or destroy it.

What to Explore?

Even though every abandoned building can become suitable for urbex enthusiasts, some places are more popular and appealing. However, of course, one must get ready and be extremely careful, deciding on such a trip. It is not only about legacy or illegitimacy since most places can be full of hidden dangers that may jeopardize your life. Anyway, urbex admirers are fond of the following spots.

Underground tunnels

Most urban explorers are interested in getting into some creepy places, and underground tunnels are on the list. It is when you have to utilize an old-school flashlight and be ready to come across almost everything. Every big city can boast of a well-developed network of passages hidden under the ground. While Parisian catacombs are open to visitors, others remain a mystery that urbex enthusiasts want to discover. The same goes for abandoned subway stations.

Deserted churches and cathedrals

Even though they are not very common, you can still run into abandoned cathedrals around the country. Many people claim that such places stand out from the rest with an especially peaceful atmosphere as if it still contains serene energy.


Some people leave their houses as they are and move somewhere. Such places turn into appealing objects for urbex lovers. It is always interesting to develop a story behind every item you come across in such a house. Indeed, it contains many secrets and may share some of them with you.


When it comes to the most interesting places to explore, hospitals may run the table. It is especially true for spots that served as a refuge for people with mental issues since they involve many stories and maybe even ghosts. However, one should be double careful since the likelihood of coming upon something terrific or dangerous goes up. Thus, if you have a sensitive soul, you may not cope with the negative energy that reigns in the insane asylums.


Usually, people try to stay away from prisons, and even a single thought of getting there makes them feel scared. Nonetheless, an abandoned spot turns into an interesting place for investigation, especially for those interested in getting the thrill. People are always attracted by things that scare them to death.

Why Is Urbex Not for Everyone?

It is worth starting with the most obvious reason – most people face enough challenges in real life, so they have no desire to bring more mess into their routine. Urban exploration involves many aspects that may result in discomfort and some additional issues. Firstly, you will come across dirt, so if you are afraid to spoil your sneakers or rip a shirt, this hobby is not for you since you may have to climb over sharp fences, for example. Secondly, you may have to cross the line and break the law to hit the abandoned spot, so you should be ready to face the consequences of such a decision. Thirdly, deserted places can be full of mystery and dead animals, bats, and rats. Are you ready for such a meeting? If you are not, it is better to consider some other activities. If you want to watch the process of urban exploration from a safe place, you can search for specialized YouTube channels and Instagram accounts.

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