What Fears You Can Overcome Thanks to Extreme Sports

What Fears You Can Overcome Thanks to Extreme Sports

Do you have any fears? The chances are high that you do. It is an inevitable companion of many people. However, while some don’t suffer much, hiding these unpleasant feelings deep down in their souls, others cannot enjoy their lives to the full extent. Many people put fears on equal par with weaknesses, which makes them fight with them no matter what. For instance, young people fear being unable to cope with the college curriculum, so they search for free essays on cooking and other subjects on the web or turn to specialized services. Others are scared by heights, certain insects, death, etc. People have even come up with a separate name for each case. While the word ‘fear’ is associated with a weak side of someone’s personality, the combination of words’ face fears’ is rather about ambitions, courage, and determination. If you want to move to the latter concept and combat your fears, it is worth thinking about extreme sports. Maybe it seems quite radical, but they will help you with your problem.

Fear of Heights and Cliff Diving

The fear of heights is the most common one. Its level varies, and while one person can fear climbing a mountain, another one will fear climbing a ladder. If you want to combat it, it is worth trying cliff diving. Don’t rush to reject this idea since nobody offers you to choose the highest cliff in the area and become careless right away. Safety must be a top priority in everything you are dealing with. Thus, it is crucial to make sure you have chosen a safe spot to jump. It is worth starting small with the lowest altitude, gradually increasing it when you get used to it. The adrenaline rush and bright emotions will help you combat your fear over time.

Aquaphobia and Open Water Swimming

While some will hardly agree that swimming in the sea or ocean can be called an extreme sport, people who have hydrophobia have different views. Some people get nervous when swimming in a lake, not to mention the ocean. However, if you keep doing it for some time, your fear may become weaker. Open water swimming may indeed involve some risks, but if you follow the rules, the likelihood of an incident goes to zero.

Fear of Speed and Snowboarding

Even though you may believe that these two concepts can hardly be connected since snowboarding is not similar to car driving, it is not the case. While an average snowboarder’s average speed is about 70 km per hour, professionals increase it up to 200. When you master all the techniques and safety rules, you will control the process and your fear. So, when winter is around the corner, it is worth getting ready for a portion of a completely new experience. 

Fear of Communication and Any Extreme Sport

While most people resort to extreme sports when they want to combat fear connected with physical things, you can use this option as a great chance to improve your social interaction. You will come across many extreme sports admirers with whom you will have something to talk about. Thus, if it is hard for you to choose a good icebreaker and drive relationships, you can join the circle of extreme sports enthusiasts. These people are open to everything new, and joining a community, you may feel a great shift in your communication issues for the better. You will become more self-confident and greatly change all spheres of your life.

How to Overcome Fear in Extreme Sports

No matter how good extreme sports can be for overcoming fears, it can still be hard to make oneself take the first steps in this direction. You can come up with numerous reasons and excuses why you shouldn’t even try. However, the situation will not change for the better if you do nothing. Thus, it is time to follow some tips and tricks to get rid of this devastating feeling.

1. Imagine and Accept the Worst Outcome Possible

You will not move forward if you don’t imagine and accept the worst scenario. It is the starting point that allows your nerves to calm down. How can you succeed in something if your head is occupied with worries? 

2. Imagine a Successful Result

You should psyche yourself up to the happy end. When your head is full of dark thoughts only, your body moves this way. Change this scenario and start focusing on things you do want to happen. The undesirable outcome shouldn’t occupy your mind.

3. Ditch an Idea of Failure

We fear because there is always a possibility of failure, but we don’t want to face this reality. However, you shouldn’t worry about things that haven’t happened yet. Instead, you should change the perspective you look at things.

4. Face Your Fears

You can study various techniques to overcome fear, but the situation will remain the same until you face it. Think about everything you fear and its reasons. Create a list of things that make you get a thrill. You should face them all step by step. 

To make the long story short, you should accept the challenge and do your best to enjoy it. The only possible way to combat fear is to face it, accept and let it go. Train yourself physically and mentally for that but get yourself together and move forward when the moment comes.

Sarah Del Rosario
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