What To Remember If You Want To Wakeboard In Winter

What To Remember If You Want To Wakeboard In Winter

Wakeboarding is a global professional sport, that gives everybody a great opportunity to enjoy a thrilling water experience. It is an extreme sport but it is less risky than surfing. Wakeboarding combines elements and techniques used in waterskiing, surfing, and snowboarding, which makes it dynamic and interesting. As with any extreme kind of sport, wakeboarding is also an intense sport and a great cardio workout, it strengthens your core, arm, and leg muscles and improves your balance and flexibility. 

Everything you need to start wakeboarding is powerboat and swimming skills. But what to do if you want to start or practice wakeboarding in winter? It is not a problem: even if winter has already kicked in, it does not mean you should stay at home and bet on wakeboarders on 22Bet rather than enjoy it on your own. To make your winter wakeboarding experience great and unforgettable you just need to follow some simple tips. Ready to beat the cold and ride in the winter?

Be Well Prepared For Your Winter Wakeboarding Sessions

It’s not hard to get started in wakeboarding. The first requirement for beginners is to know how to swim. Point number two is to learn how to keep your balance on the powerboat. However, to practice wakeboarding in a cold season you should already have wakeboarding experience and be well prepared for it. Take time and watch instructional videos on how to wakeboard and make regular exercises indoors. 

So, lifting weights, climbing, chin-ups, pull-ups, and any exercises to strengthen your core are very good for wakeboarders. Incorporate them into your training routine to be well-prepared for winter wakeboarding. By the way, all these exercises will help you stay in shape if you do not have the opportunity to carry out your hobby in the inter-season. Do your exercises, skateboard indoors, do your trampoline exercises and you can start the next wakeboarding season in perfect shape.

Think About The Right Equipment

To practice wakeboarding in winter you will need at least one, or better two thick neoprene water wet suits with thick lining. The thick zipperless wetsuit with liquid seams which can be used in winter can keep you warm because it has a thin layer between the neoprene costume and your body. And the thicker the wetsuit is, the more comfortable it will be in winter. 

However, don’t forget that the thicker wetsuit means less flexibility in your movement. So, try to find a good wetsuit according to your wakeboarding skills and winter conditions. To keep warm and be able to choose, buy two wetsuits so you will never have to put on a wet one. The special heater kit for the boat seat is also a must-have in winter.

Also, be sure to note that before and after the wakeboarding session you must get back into warm, comfortable, and dry clothing. A good option would be a warm tracksuit with a vest or a comfortable winter jacket. You can also wear thermal underwear underneath, and it is important to keep your feet warm.  Always carry an extra pair of dry and warm winter clothes with you, so as different devices which keep you warm. Take a thermos with hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or soup.

Wear Accessories To Keep You Away From The Cold

Besides a thick wetsuit, you will need different accessories to keep all the parts of your body warm, such as bindings with removal boots, a hood, and gloves. Bindings with removal boots on the inside will keep your feet away from cold, and a warm hood and gloves from neoprene will also avoid cold body parts. Choose the right accessories according to the weather conditions and choose the accessories that both keep you warm and comfortable and don’t disturb your balance.

Find The Good Wakeboarding Location

Even if the wakeboarding options in winter are pretty slim, you can still wakeboard if you know where to go. The best winter wakeboarding locations are Florida (Crystal Lake, Miami Stadium Marina, lakes in Orlando) and Nevada (Lake Tahoe) in the USA, Mexico (Mayan Water Complex), Philippines (Camsur Watersport Complex), Brasil (Sunset Wakepark), Thailand (Dok Krai Lake), Italy (Lake Como) and the United Arab Emirates (Xtreme Wake UAE in Dubai Marina). 

So, it is also possible to enjoy wakeboarding in winter with the right prep. And don’t forget a good mood and right attitude!

Sarah Del Rosario
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